FAQ: What shield, gear kit, visor do I need for my HJC or Shoei Helmet?

If you’ve ever tried to find the right shield, base plate/gear kit or other parts for an HJC or Shoei helmet, you’ve probably seen that they sell the parts under a “model number” which makes it hard to find the right parts if you only know the model of your helmet. Worse yet, if you don’t know the model name of your helmet, you’ll find it even harder to land the right part. UGH!

But don’t despair, we’ve put together the tables below which give you links to parts for all present and most older helmets. And if you aren’t sure what helmet you have, we’ve even included links to descriptive product pages for most helmet styles (present and retired). You can look at the pictures and hopefully confirm what model helmet you have.

HJC Helmets
Helmet Model
Gear/Pivot Kit
Base Plates
Sun Visor
AC-10 HJ-05 HJ-05 N/A
AC-11 HJ-07 HJ-07 N/A
AC-12 HJ-09 HJ-09 N/A
AC-3 HJ-11 HJ-11 N/A
C70 HJ-20M HJ-20M HJ-V7
C91 HJ-17 HJ-17 HJ-V5
CL-11 HJ-02 HJ-02 N/A
CL-12 HJ-05 HJ-05 N/A
CL-12Y HJ-03 HJ-03 N/A
CL-14 HJ-07 HJ-07 N/A
CL-14Y HJ-03 HJ-03 N/A
CL-15 HJ-09 HJ-09 N/A
CL-16 HJ-09 HJ-09 N/A
CL-17 HJ-09 HJ-09 N/A
CL-17 Snow w/Dual Lens Shield HJ-09 Dual Lens HJ-09 N/A
CL-17 Snow w/ Electric Shield HJ-09 Electric Shield HJ-09 N/A
CL-33 HJ-11 HJ-11 N/A
CL-Jet HJ-17J HJ-17 N/A
CL-Max HJ-07 HJ-07 N/A
CL-Max II HJ-17 HJ-17 N/A
CL-Max II Snow HJ-17 Snow HJ-17 N/A
CL-Max 3 HJ-17 HJ-17 HJ-V5
CL-Max 3 Snow w/Dual Lens Shield HJ-17 Dual Lens Shield HJ-17 HJ-V5
CL-Max 3 Snow w/Electris Sheild HJ-17 Electric Shield HJ-17 HJ-V5
CL-R3 Snow w/Dual Lens HJ-09 Dual Lens Shield HJ-09 N/A
CL-R3 Snow w/Electric Shield HJ-09 Electric Shield HJ-09 N/A
CL-SP HJ-09 HJ-09 N/A
CL-Y HJ-05 HJ-05 N/A
CS-10 HJ-02 HJ-02 N/A
CS-12 HJ-05 HJ-05 N/A
CS-12Y HJ-03 HJ-03 N/A
CS-R1 HJ-09 HJ-09 N/A
CS-R2 HJ-09 HJ-09 N/A
CS-R3 HJ-09 HJ-09 N/A
CS-Y HJ-03 HJ-03 N/A
DS-X1 HJ-27 HJ-27 N/A
DS-X1 Snow w/Dual Lens Shield HJ-27 Dual Lens Shields HJ-27 N/A
DS-X1 Snow w/Electric Lens Shield HJ-27 Electric Shields HJ-27 N/A
F70 HJ-32 HJ-32 HJ-V9
FG-17 HJ-20M HJ-20M N/A
FG-Jet HJ-17R HJ-17 HJ-V7
FS-10 HJ-09 HJ-09 HJ-V3
FS-15 HJ-09 HJ-09 N/A
FS-3 HJ-12 HJ-12 N/A
i30 HJ-34 HJ-34 HJ-V9
i 70 HJ-31 HJ-31 HJ-V9
i 90 HJ-33 HJ-33 HJ-V9
IS-2 N/A N/A HJ-V4
IS-5 N/A N/A HJ-V8
IS-16 HJ-09 HJ-09 HJ-V5
IS-17 HJ-20M HJ-20M HJ-V7
IS-33 HJ-17J HJ-17 HJ-V5
IS-33 II HJ-17R HJ-17 HJ-V7
IS-Cruiser N/A N/A HJ-V4
IS-Max HJ-17 HJ-17 HJ-V5
IS-Max Snow HJ-17 Snow HJ-17 HJ-V5
IS-Max II HJ-17 HJ-17 HJ-V5
IS-Max 2 Snow w/Duel Lens Shield HJ-17 HJ-17 Dual Lens Shield HJ-V5
IS-Max 2 Snow w/Electric Shield HJ-17 HJ-17 Electric Shield HJ-V5
Joe Rocket RKT101 HJ-09 HJ-09 N/A
Joe Rocket RKT201 HJ-09 HJ-09 N/A
Joe Rocket RKT-Prime HJ-09 HJ-09 N/A
Kawasaki Ninja ZX HJ-09 HJ-09 N/A
Kawasaki Ninja ZXSP HJ-09 HJ-09 N/A
LT-12 HJ-03 HJ-03 N/A
LT-20 HJ-03 HJ-03 N/A
RPHA 1N Helmet HJ-35 HJ-35 N/A
RPS-10 HJ-20 HJ-20 N/A
RPHA-10 HJ-20 HJ-20 N/A
RPHA-10 Pro HJ-20 HJ-20 N/A
RPHA 11 Pro HJ-26 HJ-26 N/A
RPHA 90 HJ-29 HJ-29 HJ-V9
RPHA Max HJ-25 HJ-25 HJ-V7
RPHA 70 ST HJ-26ST HJ-26 HJ-L1
SY-MAX HJ-05 HJ-05 N/A
Sy-Max II HJ-S2 HJ-S2 HJ-V5
Sy-Max III HJ-17 HJ-17 HJ-V5

Shoei Helmets
Helmet Model
Gear/Pivot Kit
Base Plates
Sun Visor
GT-Air* CNS-1 CNS-1 QSV-1
GT-Air II CNS-1 CNS-1 for GT-Air II QSV-2
Hornet-DS C-49 N/A N/A
Hornet X2 CNS-2 CNS-2 N/A
J-Cruise CJ-2 QRSA
J-Wing CJ-1 J-Wing N/A
Multitec CX-1V CX-1V Multi N/A
Neotec* CNS-1 QR-N
Neotec II CNS-3
Qwest CW-1 CW-1 N/A
RF-700 CX-1 CX-1 N/A
RF-800 CX-1 CX-1 N/A
RF-900 CX-1 CX-1 N/A
RF-1000 CX-1 CX-1 N/A
RF-1100 CW-1 N/A
RF-1200 CWR-1 
CWR-1 Transitions Photochromic Shield
RF-1400 CWR-F2
CWR-F2 Photochromic Shield
CWR-1 Transitions Photochromic Shield
TZ-1 CX-1 CX-1 N/A
X-9 CX-1 CX-1 N/A
X-11 CX-1V CX-1V N/A
X-14 CWR-1 
CWR-1 Transitions Photochromic Shield
X-Tec CX-1 CX-1 N/A
X-Twelve CW-1 CW-1 N/A
Z-II CX-1 CX-1 N/A

*Both the Neotec and the GT-Air use the CNS-1 face shield, but their base plates are different and are not interchangeable.