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Shoei RF-1400 Helmet



  • Evolved from its predecessor while maintaining a compact, lightweight design
  • SHOEI’s lightest SNELL-approved full-face helmet model
  • Advanced wind-tunnel development improves aerodynamic performance:
  • Drag = 4% reduction; Lift = 6% reduction (as compared to the RF-1200)


  • Additional air intake hole in the center/forehead vent improves cool air intake
  • Enlarged exhaust outlet vents improve hot air expulsion
  • A total of six (6) air intakes (2 lower, 2 front, 2 upper) and four (4) outlets


  • Newly designed cheek pads feature more volume on the bottom for greater comfort and reduced wind noise
  • Max-Dry material absorbs and dissipates sweat 2X faster than traditional nylon
  • Soft yet durable lower cheek pad fabric for a plush fit and feel
  • E.Q.R.S. allows emergency medical personnel to easily and safely remove cheek pads from an injured rider’s helmet


  • Advanced shell aerodynamics and all-new, air-tight shield system reduce unwanted wind and road noises
  • New window beading reduces wind and water intrusion
  • All-new, voluminous cheek pads and removable ear pads further restrain wind noise


  • All-new CWR-F2 shield system features improved visibility, functionality, and performance
  • 2D “flat” outside surface combined with 3D technology inside offers an aggressive look with optimized visibility for a more natural view
  • Vortex Generators (borrowed from X-Fourteen technology) improve aerodynamics and reduce wind noise ○ X-Fourteen Data: Drag = 8.8% reduction; Lift = 3.5% reduction; Yawing = 52.4% reduction
  • All-new center locking mechanism reduces risk of accidental openings during high-speed riding
  • Redesigned base plate system boasts smoother shield opening and closure
  • New shield adjuster for easier, more precise tuning
  • All-new window beading reduces wind and water intrusion
  • New, 10% larger DKS-304 PINLOCK EVO lens system improves lateral field of vision thanks to relocated pins outside of the eyeport
  • Per manufacturer’s restrictions, Shoei products can only be shipped to addresses in the 50 US states.

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Our Two Cents

The Shoei RF-1400 builds on the rich history of their RF line of full-face helmets. The bullet points above go over the performance enhancements for this evolution but I wanted to point out some of the big changes. On first look you see that Shoei has completely updated the front air intakes for this helmet. The main forehead vent now has two intakes instead of one and operates by sliding the cover up instead of the small switch on the RF-1200 that moved laterally (and was sometimes hard to find in gloves). This cover holds in place partially open to allow for a smaller amount of air intake than when fully open. The chin vent is also redesigned to make room for the new center locking mechanism on the visor. This new center lock will keep the visor closed at high speeds but is still simple to operate even in gloves.

The visor itself has a new addition of vortex generators near the trailing edges which help to reduce wind noise at high speed and improve the aerodynamic efficiency of the helmet. The Pinlock pins have been moved further out of view to remove them from your field of vision. By widening the visor to move the pins they had to redesign the baseplate kit to fit into a smaller space. The new baseplate has more detent options including a new first position that is optimal for shield defogging. Take a close look at the baseplate and you will see a shield adjustment lever. Changing the position of this lever moves the baseplate ever so slightly and allows you to get a tighter closure between the visor and the gasket around the eyeport.

The rear exhaust ports are no longer adjustable, but they are in a more streamlined position which will improve the vacuum effect used to pull air through the air intakes. At the rear of the helmet we also see more pronounced grooves that channel air flow to help with this effect and the overall aerodynamics of the helmet.

The cheek pads have been redesigned to maximize comfort and reduce wind noise. They do still have channels for eyeglasses as well.

The RF-1400 will come in 4 shell sizes (XS-S, Medium, Large, XL-XXL) initially with a 5th shell size (3XL) being introduced in mid-2021 that will most likely only be available in a few of the solid colorway options. Initially there will be 6 solid color options to go along with 7 different graphics. – Mike 12/22/2020

Happy Customers Who Bought This Product

From: Joshua H.
Location: Louisiana

My last premium helmet was an Arai RX-Q. It was replaced with an AGV K3, which is now being replaced with the RF-1400 and it’ll be hard for me to ever stray from Shoei or Arai again. The fit for me is perfect. It feels about as perfect as my RX-Q ... (Read more...)

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