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Shoei Base Plate Kits

  • Works with all Shoei helmets, use the chart in the Sizing Information section below to select the appropriate kit for your helmet
  • Includes two base plates and associated parts
  • Buy replacement base plates when your old base plates don’t give good ratcheting action for your shield or if your old base plates get broken

Need help picking the right shield/base plate/sun visor?

Please Note: We can ship Shoei products to addresses in the 50 US states only (per manufacturer’s restrictions).

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Sizing Information

Choose a base plate kit based on the Shoei Helmet model you have using the chart below:

Base Plate Kit Shoei Helmet Model
CNS-1 GT-Air
CNS-1 for GT-Air II GT Air II
CNS-2 Hornet X2
CW-1 RF-1100, X-Twelve, Qwest
CWR-F2 RF-1400
CX-1V Multi Multitec
J-Wing J-Wing
QR-E RF-1200, RF-SR, X-14
CJ-2 J-Cruise and J-Cruise II
- These kits are not available through retail channels. New kits for Neotec and Neotec II can only be obtained through Shoei’s warranty dept
QR-N Neotec
CNS-3 Neotec II
- Sold Out, No Longer Available
CX-1 RF-800, RF-900, X-9, Syncrotec, X-tec, Z-11, TZ-1
CX-1V RF-1000, TZ-R, X-11

Note: Both the Neotec and the GT-Air use the CNS-1 face shield, but their base plates are different and are not interchangeable. Don’t worry though, we’ve specified which base plate works with each helmet in the table shown above.

Written instructions are included in the kit package, but in case it’s missing or you want a preview of what is involved, please go here for help with installation (you’ll need Adobe to view this pdf document).

Need help picking the right shield/base plate/sun visor?

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