Frequently Asked Questions

About Orders and Shipping/Tracking:

Why am I now having to pay sales tax?

Can you make a change to an un-shipped order I recently placed? (or combine two orders to save shipping, or add merchandise to an order, etc.)?

I want to return something and get an item in its place. How do I do this?

I want to buy a group of products to try on at home and return what doesn’t work. Can I do this?

Can I use a Visa/Master Card Gift Card?

I’m having trouble with the tracking info you gave me. Can you help?

About Sales and Promos:

How do I sell gear in your Customer’s Closet?

I bought one of your Almost Free sale items (or any product advertising a Promo Gift Card). How do I get my Gift Card?

I recently bought something that was on special for a short time. I need a different size/color but the price of the product is now higher than what I paid. How do I get the size and color I need for the lower price?

About Products:

How do I measure myself for a motorcycle jacket, pants, suit?

How do I measure the size of a motorcycle suit, jacket or pants that I have?

Can you tell me something about CE/European ratings for back protectors and other armor?

What shield, gear kit, visor do I need for my HJC or Shoei Helmet?

I have an older model HJC, what new model corresponds to what I am familiar with?

Can you tell me about some of the special materials used in motorcycle apparel?

Can you give me some advice about a fit problem I have?

How do I know what size gloves to order? Can I measure?

How does this helmet fit? or Does this helmet fit like that helmet?

I have a problem with a product I bought. Is there a warranty?

Some of your product reviews are negative. Why do you even offer those products in your store?

About and Other Stuff:

Who are you and where are you?

Before you were you were New Enough. Why New Enough?

Do you mind if customers put a link on their page to yours?