FAQ: How does this helmet fit? or Does this helmet fit like that helmet?

We get questions like this all the time! If you are asking yourself this question right now, then read on!

Getting a handle on the fit of different models and brands of helmets is not an easy thing! The fit on you depends upon not only the overall circumference of the helmet (about the only thing you can do to measure yourself), but it depends on other factors too, like the length of your head, the width and the overall shape.

Most people have at least some experience wearing or trying on helmets, so they will know one or more brand/model/size that fits them well. If you know that, then you can use that information to get an idea if another brand/model/size might fit.

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Our friends at webbikeworld.com have reviewed a lot of helmets and they’ve tackled the task of quantifying the subjective fit attributes like “shape”. I suggest you look over their reviews for the helmets you know fit you and then compare their descriptions to the other helmets you might be interested in. Of course this method isn’t foolproof due to the nature of the fit issue, but it will increase the chances that you’ll choose the right helmet the first time!

Take this link: Motorcycle Helmet Reviews – webBikeWorld

There is also a composite list of helmets by shape and weight

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