FAQ: I’m having trouble with the tracking info you gave me. Can you help?

We will be glad to help with any issues you have with shipping or tracking, but here are some answers to the most common questions:

UPS Ground

The tracking number doesn’t work: Every day we pack a lot of boxes and when we box your order, we print a UPS label that is generated by UPS’s computer system. We then automatically shoot you an email letting you know about the shipment and the tracking.

If you try to check tracking before the UPS driver actually picks up the packages, you’ll get something like, UPS could not locate the shipment details for your request. Please verify your information and try again later. If you will just re-check later the same day, you’ll get the information you expect to see.

You check the status of your order on our site and it says, Status: Shipped; Tracking Information Pending: When a package is being shipped to you from one of our distributors, these is a one working day time lag for us to receive the tracking information. For example if you order at 10 a.m. on a Tuesday, by 4 p.m. or so that some day, you’ll see the message above. If you check again the next day by about noon, you’ll see an actual tracking number.

US Post Office Shipping

My tracking number appears to be for somebody else and/or it is for a package from the past: This happens all the time! UGH! The US Postal service apparently recycles their label numbers. The incorrect tracking information you see is from the last time they used that label number. It normally takes them about 1-2 business days to update the information. So if you give it some time and then try again, you should see the correct information.