FAQ: I want to return something and get an item in its place. How do I do this?

Of course you always have the option to return any product we sell for a full refund (see our terms pages for details), but if you want exchange merchandise, we make that easy too.

For the sake of speed and simplicity, we do not do traditional “exchanges” but rather we invite you to return any product you wish and ask that you place a new order for the product(s) you’d like to have in exchange. You have the choice to place your exchange order right away (cross-ship) or wait until your return reaches us (non-cross ship).

Here are some features that make our return process easy and inexpensive:

  • We do not charge restocking fees for returns of any merchandise… even closeouts
  • Orders placed for merchandise in exchange for returned merchandise include our “free shipping over $89” promotion which means that exchange merchandise over $89 going to a continental US address is shipped to you free! (or discounted for international customers)
  • As a convenience, we offer US customers an automated RMA request system and the option to print a return shipping label in their home or office for just $8.99 (Limit ONE per order! deducted from the refund or store credit: UPS pre-paid labels are good only for returns from the continental US).

Some Tips:

When you arrange for your return, you’ll be asked whether you would like a refund to your form of payment or a store credit.

  • Requesting a Store Credit is best for those who plan to order exchange merchandise just as soon as the return is received (a non-cross-ship exchange). We can issue a store credit immediately upon check-in of your exchange and you can order right away… no delays in refunding through a credit card.
  • A refund is the best choice if you plan to order exchange items right now (a cross-ship exchange), or if you just want to return and get a refund (no exchange now).

Some people like to compare two sizes side-by-side in their home. If you want to do this, just order your exchange now and wait until it is received to set up any RMA. You can then set up the return for what doesn’t work. If you return both items for a refund, you will be charge outbound shipping in addition to the $8.99 return shipping label. (view details, return labels for multiple items for try-on may be higher)

To get a return processed right now please visit our order status page!

For those of you who might ask why we handle our returns and exchanges this way, read on…

1) Most “exchanges” result in a charge or refund of money since rarely do people exchange for products of the exact same cost. Many want a different style or choose a size that is a different price, or they choose premium shipping methods, or want more merchandise shipped along with replacement merchandise, and so on. Nowadays, we can’t just charge customers additional money on their credit cards because of new/recent rules by credit card processors that require consumers to enter their CCV codes for every transaction (we are not allowed to store CCV codes electronically anymore). Also, we are not able to “charge” customers who use PayPal. This means we’d have to personally contact every customer in order to process their exchange upon receipt of their merchandise, which would cause delays and increase our costs.

2) Many people don’t have time to wait for return merchandise to reach us before their exchange items ship out and prefer to cross-ship.

3) Customers like the ability to compare two sizes/products side by side in their home, which would not be possible to do by doing a traditional exchange.


Products being returned must be in new, unused condition with factory tags and packaging (basically we are asking that you return products in the same condition as when they were received). We cannot issue refunds or credit for products without the original tags and packaging. Please don’t use factory boxes for shipping back helmets, boots, etc. Place all return items inside shipping boxes. Re-bag helmets in the cloth protective bag to prevent scuffing.