FAQ: I recently bought something that was on special for a short time. I need a different size/color but the price of the product is now higher than what I paid. How do I get the size and color I need for the lower price?

Sure, we’ll be glad to work a return/exchange for you and get you the sale price. Our automated return process is easy and flexible and we think you will find it very simple to use. Here is how to use the system and ultimately get the sale price:

1) Set up a return for the item you need to send back using our online RMA system.
2) Place an order for the size/color you need (either now or later depending upon how you set up the RMA… doesn’t matter).
3) When you get the replacement product and confirm it’s a “keeper”, contact us with the two order numbers involved and request a refund for the difference in price between the sale price you paid originally and the “normal” price you paid for the replacement you are keeping.
4) We will promptly issue a refund to your form of payment for the replacement.

We realize this adds one more step to the process in order for you to get what you need at the lower price and we appreciate your cooperation. As you can imagine, conjuring up software to automatically handle all the possible scenarios that occur with a short term sale like this would make our IT Manager gray before his time.

IMPORTANT: Please wait until we have processed your return AND you have received the replacement and decided it is OK to keep before requesting the price difference refund. Why? If we refund prematurely and you have to return/exchange the second shipment for some reason, then your final return will become a completely manual process and won’t be as simple.