Loyalty Store Credit at MotorcycleGear.com

We offer loyalty store credit when you purchase certain merchandise. The store credit amounts offered for each product and the details are recorded automatically in our system when you order. When you receive the products you order, you’ll be awarded the store credit and you can use it toward a future purchase. We value your business and want you back again and again!

Here’s How It Works:

  • Buy the product for the purchase price shown on the product page
  • Receive your order and check out the item you’ve bought for fit and such
  • If you’ve decided that the product is a “keeper”, just look up your order in our system and request the store credit.
  • We will promptly issue the store credit and let you know that it is available for your use.
  • Enjoy the product you bought and use the store credit on your next purchase with us.

Note: You are not required to request the store credit associated with your order since we will automatically issue your store credit at 30 days after your order. The early request option described above is made available for those wanting their credit issued asap.

Terms for Loyalty Store Credit: Store credits are nontransferable and have no cash value. They can only be redeemed for merchandise at MotorcycleGear.com and they do not expire. The store credits being offered are strictly post-transactional and cannot in any way be applied instantly or retroactively to the order in which they were earned.

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