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Icon Field Armor Leg

  • Breathable mesh chassis
  • Impact absorbing plastic
  • Impact dispersing molded foam
  • Form-fitting chassis stays in place
  • Multiple stretch adjustment straps
  • Abrasion resistant slider panels
  • Low-profile to fit under jeans

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Sizing Information

One size fits all (well not ALL—see comments below).

Our Two Cents

These shin/knee guards are nicely made, but the Velcro closure straps don’t adjust as much as you might think they should. These guards will work fine for those with average to skinny legs, but they won’t work on those with larger calves. For example, I have a calf size of 17” and they were not comfortable. So I’d say you’d need to be in the 16” or below category to get a comfortable fit. I like the way the knee piece and the shin piece are mostly independent, so they flex well on the leg while walking. One minor nit to pick: The “male” Velcro will snag easily on the elastic adjustment strap, so you have to be careful to fasten the “male” Velcro on the “female” Velcro only to prevent any damage in this regard.

From the Icon Site: Almost everyone rides without any type of leg protection… until now. The Field Armor Leg Guards are the missing link in the street rider’s bag of tricks. Form fitting construction with a chassis of impact absorbing foam and molded plastic that’s sleek enough to wear under most denim jeans. Designed to take the hit, so your legs don’t have to.

Happy Customers Who Bought This Product

From: Frank C.
Location: California

This leg armor saved my bacon. To be more specific, I T-boned a Civic that was making a very ambitious turn in front of me, and the armor absorbed quite a bit of crunching. I walked away. (Read more...)

From: Tom
Location: New York

Mainly use bike for commuting so armor under jeans is convenient balance between safety and looks.