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Icon Field Armor Stryker Vest

  • EN 1621-2/03AC2006 CE Approved Stryker Back Armor
  • d3o Breathable back insert, with custom molded Icon geometry
  • Articulating injection molded back armor with air flow channels
  • Injection molded chest plate with integrated air intakes
  • Vented biofoam and air mesh chassis
  • Hydradry moisture wicking liner
  • Highly adjustable waist and shoulder straps
  • Low-profile design fits under most jackets

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Sizing Information

There are three sizes of this vest to cover the range from men’s Small to XXXL. Choose the size based on what you normally buy in men’s clothing. The vest has adjustments on the side and shoulders and we found that the vests easily fit subjects within the range specified (and then some). The front of the vest extends only part way down the torso, so belly and/or waist sizes aren’t really much of a factor.

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Our Two Cents

The Field Armor Stryker Vest from Icon integrates chest and back protection in one easy to wear vest. This vest could be worn under just about any sort of clothing to protect the chest and back. The vest is light weight and breathable and made of very comfortable materials (on the sides facing the body). The vest is made of a wide variety of materials…. hard plastic on the outer shell of the back protector and chest protector components, softer foam behind those protectors, a soft inside liner for comfort, soft welting around each of the outer seams, rubber grommets around each of the styling components (those things that look like vents on the front).... I could keep going, but you get the idea. Overall it looks and feels like very well made armor that would do a great job in case of a crash. It is quick to put on and take off, and seems very comfortable (as compared to traditional styles with an elastic belly strap and shoulder straps. This unit works with the Stryker elbow and knee armor (listed below). Take the “View Larger Pictures” link above for some good close-up shots.

Want this vest in a more visible design? Take the link below to the Stryker Mil Spec Vest product page. If you prefer one with a more vivid pattern, check out the Driver Vest. For a more covert choice, take a look at the Battlescar Vest.

Happy Customers Who Bought This Product

From: Alexander D.
Location: California

The Icon Field Armor Stryker Vest is a very comfortable back/chest protector, you hardly notice it's there. It is a good choice to use with jackets that come with elbow and shoulder protection. I go to work wearing this everyday without once think... (Read more...)

From: kh
Location: NY

The Scorpion pants were purchased for touring purposes, however I did use them on a track day for small displacement two strokes. I also let a friend borrow them along with the Icon vest. My friend had a low speed getoff on the chicane and got right up - he was fine and glad to be wearing the gear. (Read more...)