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Icon Field Armor Softcore Vest

The Field Armor Softcore™ Vest is the latest offering from our storied line of riding vests. Featuring D3O impact protectors in the chest and back, the Softcore vest provides the coverage necessary for aggressive riders. The low-profile chassis easily fits under most jackets, with an Iron Weave™ mesh construction to reduce heat build-up. Elastic waist straps provide a quick and secure fit.

  • Low-profile design for use under a jacket
  • Iron Weave™ mesh chassis
  • D3O® CP1 Chest impact protector
  • D3O® Viper back impact protector
  • Elastic waist straps provide an adjustable fit
  • Sublimated graphics
  • Tested & certified according to EN 17092-6:2020, Class C/U

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Sizing Information

These vests are made to fit under jackets so they are a snug fit. If you choose not to wear the vest under a jacket then you can make the chest area larger by adjusting the straps. Below, we are listing maximum and minimum chest measurements. The straps come around at the sides of the chest so measuring across your favorite shirt or jacket just under the arms when laid on a flat surface and doubling that number should give you a close estimate of what you need. The cut of the vest will accommodate a wide range of chest sizes since straps are elastic.

Icon Size Min Chest Max Chest
XS/S 34 38
Medium/Large 38 42
XL/XXL 42 48

Our Two Cents

The Icon Field Armor Softcore Vest is designed to be worn under a jacket or jersey to provide more impact protection.

This type of style is something we see often in the off-road world and it’s nice to see Icon bring it to the street style. With the popularity of casual style riding shirts, an addition like this can take a casual look from mediocre in a crash to top level protection. We see a lot of riding shirts that either don’t have options for back protectors or don’t include one from the factory, and I can’t think of any that have chest protection, so this is a great upgrade. It rides tight to the body thanks to the elastic straps, so you can wear it under for a concealed look. Or you can wear it over your jacket/jersey for a more aggressive look on the bike.

The D3O® CP1 chest protector is a single piece with good ventilation so this vest shouldn’t add any unnecessary heat to your chest. The back protector is the standard D3O® Viper level 1 back protector typically seen in Icon gear. It has ventilation channels and flows through as well. St. Christopher rides with you thanks to a hidden pocket in the back protector pocket opening. We’ve seen Icon use this location to hide their trademark St. Christopher medallion on a few newer models when the usual napoleon pocket location isn’t available.

The Icon Field Armor Softcore Vest is a good option for street, urban, and even off road riders that want to add some armor to their current jacket/jersey set up. D3O® is a great flexible protector that does the job when things go South and you really need something you can count on for impacts. :: Mike, 10/26/2022