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Icon Field Armor Street Knee

Talk about up-armoring your favorite set of denim to superhero levels, the Field Armor Street Knee™ is here to save the day. For the hero on the go the adjustable straps allow the Street Knee™ to fit over existing riding pants. The injection molded knee cap is coupled with a removable D3O® knee impact protector all mounted within a durable nylon chassis.


  • D30® Impact Protectors
  • Injection Molded Knee Cap
  • Cut-to-Length Hook & Loop Straps
  • Non-Slip Silicone
  • Hydradry™ Wicking Lining

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Our Two Cents

Wow, I like this new knee armor! We’ve always been a fan of the D3O protectors and here’s a great way to get the D3O armor for an otherwise un-armored pair of pants.

Think of this setup as a holder plus a piece of D3O knee armor. The armor is inserted into the holder and it is exactly like the armor we sell for jackets and pants that have pockets for armor. The holder is a sturdy design made of durable nylon on the outside and soft comfortable material on the back side. Three adjustable straps hold the whole thing in place. Those straps have a bit of stretch so they’ll stay comfortable when you bend your knee in the riding position. Finally, the outside has a molded plastic “armor” piece with the Icon logo which adds some additional impact protection and gives a bit of style.

I suppose you could wear these under jeans although I think they’ll be more comfortable over jeans. If you want to wear them under jeans, you might want to get a stretch knee brace or leg warmers to wear under it to keep the armor and/or straps from being uncomfortable which they might become over bare skin (just an an idea). Try them both ways and see what works best. Anyway, I think these knew knee braces are more comfortable and more effective than many mechanical style knee protectors I’ve seen. :: Paul, 03-16-18

PS: I think I’ll get a pair of these for home project around the house. They are more comfortable than any I’ve tried from the home improvement store.