How To Choose The Right Luggage For Your Motorcycle

Luggage manufacturers do not provide a list of motorcycle makes and models that their luggage will fit. Instead, the majority of the bags on the market today are listed as “universal” or “one size fits most” which isn’t very helpful. In an attempt to help you make the right decision in your luggage purchase, read this information below and follow the links that pertain to the type of luggage you are considering.

Always be sure to review the dimensions listed on the web page in the “Sizing Information” section and compare that to the area on your motorcycle where the luggage (tank bag, tail bag, saddlebags) will be mounted. This doesn’t answer all the fit questions but will give you a good idea how much space the bag will occupy. We have an in house photo studio, we take several additional photos of each piece of luggage we offer in an attempt to provide the most information we can. Be sure to click on the “View Larger Pictures” link found on every web page to see the additional photos for the product you are considering.

Remember that regardless of the style, shape, and size luggage you want, the motorcycle you ride will dictate the luggage you can use.

Below are links to more detailed tips on these specific luggage types

Tank Bags

Tail Bags


Sissy Bar Bags

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