Choosing The Right Sissy Bar Bag

Most Cruiser Style Motorcycles Do not provide you with many options for mounting luggage. If you have saddlebags and need more space or you just don’t like saddlebags, a sissy bar bag or back rest pad bag is the solution. The mounting systems typically fit many different sized sissy bars, the most universal fitting sissy bar bags I can recommend are Nelson Rigg Sissy Bar Bags. If you have a short sissy bar or back rest pad this can be an issue, in my opinion, a six inch tall sissy bar or back rest pad is not tall enough and does not provide enough room for mounting anything bigger than a barrel or roll bag and even that is questionable.

Remember, these are just suggestions, it is solely up to you, the end user to decide if the way you are mounting or setting up your luggage is secure enough to support your cargo and any road conditions you may encounter.

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