Choosing The Right Tank Bag

If you are considering a magnetic tank bag, is your gas tank magnetic? If any portion of the tank (sides, top, front, or back) is covered by plastic (or any non-magnetic material), a tank bag with a strap mount or suction cup mounting system is more than likely your only option. Magnetic tank bags are more convenient, but strap mount tank bags can be mounted to almost any tank (size and under the seat access can be an issue).

Sport, sport touring, and touring motorcycles are what most tank bags are designed for, unless otherwise noted. Of course there are fitment exceptions here also when dealing with the size of the tank bag. Some sport touring and touring motorcycles have a problem getting to full lockout on the turning radius if a tank bag is too wide. Always compare the dimensions to the usable area of the gas tank!

Cruiser style motorcycles with a console down the center should use strap mount tank bags. This being said, not all cruiser style motorcycles can use a strap mount tank bag.

Dual sport, dual purpose, off road, or adventure style motorcycles have odd shaped gas tanks and the location of the gas cap make it nearly impossible to use magnetic tank bags. Strap mount tank bags are more likely to work, tank bag size remains an issue. small or mini style tank bags are usually the best choice, and don’t be surprised if they don’t sit perfectly level when mounted.

Remember that these are just suggestions, it is solely up to you, the end user to decide if the way you are mounting or setting up your luggage is secure enough to support your cargo and any road conditions you may encounter.

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