TCI Products **NO LONGER AVAILABLE** Sequoia Rack BMW F650/800GS 2008 (twin cyl) ::

TCI Products **NO LONGER AVAILABLE** BMW F650/800GS 2008-13 (twin cyl) Sequoia Rack

Read This Before You Buy!

  • Made in USA
  • Fabricated from mild steel
  • No modifications required for installation
  • One piece assembly for added strength
  • Specific anchor points for mounting to ensure luggage stays attached even in aggressive off road situations
  • Mounting instructions included
  • Mounting hardware included (when necessary)
  • Silver powder coated finish

This application requires turn signal relocation. The turn signal relocation mounting points are built into the rack, no drilling or cutting is required.

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This Product is Currently Unavailable
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Sizing Information

All TCI racks are handmade, the tubing used may have slight differences in the wall slight differences in the tubing wall thickness can occur within the tolerance range resulting in variations in the weight of the end product. Weights listed are approximate, shown for reference only, (not guaranteed) and do not include any hardware or mounting brackets.
  • Top rack dimensions: 17” Front x 14” Rear x 10” Long
  • Total rack width: 32.25”
  • Weight: 9.76 lbs

Our Two Cents

This product is designed to work for this specific motorcycle make/model in it’s OEM/stock setup from the factory. Be sure to check with the manufacturer if you have aftermarket accessories installed that may affect the fit of this rack.

The TCI Products Sequoia Rack is a functional, tough, easy to install luggage rack featuring top rack portion and side supports that are welded together in a solid One piece unit. The design of this rack provides several options for attaching many different shapes, styles, and sizes of saddlebags and/or tail bag/saddlebag combinations. We recommend luggage with a universal type of mounting system. Take note of the side bag portion of the rack, it has a swept or teardrop shape and should work with most sport or mini style saddlebags with a similar shape.

The top portion of the rack can also accommodate rear trunks that have a universal mounting base. For attaching a rear trunk or top box of your choice, TCI’s Top Box Hard Case Adapter Kit can be purchased separately as an add on (must be welded) to this rack before it is shipped out.

Be sure to read the directions carefully before attempting to install this product. Installation is simple but some applications include spacers and washers that must be used for proper installation.