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Alpinestars Yokohama Drystar Jacket (MD, XL, Or XXL Only)

The Yokohama Jacket is a superior multi-material jacket featuring a host of comfort features such as Alpinestars proprietary Jet Ventilation System for excellent levels of internal cooling performance. With class-leading removable shoulder and elbow protectors and the ability to upgrade to Alpinestars’ Nucleon chest and back protectors , the Yokohama allows the rider to cope the toughest of conditions.


  • Multi-material, laminated poly-textile chassis construction for superior levels of abrasion and tear resistance and weather performance.
  • Ventilation system features large zippered air intakes on chest and arms, with air exhausts on the back for cooling performance which can be adapted according to climate.
  • Front, deep waterproof pockets provide safe and secure storage. Pockets incorporate seal closing waterproof zips and zip garages for peace-of-mind closure, plus internal waterproof wallet/document pocket.
  • Removable long sleeve thermal liner means jacket can be worn in colder climates. Liner jacket includes mesh collar for comfort.
  • High collar construction with soft textile finish and 3D mesh interior for excellent comfort and weather protection for the neck.


  • Removable CE-certified shoulder and elbow protectors for superb impact protection.
  • Chest and back pad compartments with PE padding (Alpinestars’ Nucleon chest and back protectors available as accessory upgrade).


  • Multiple fit and volume adjusters on sleeves, waist and sleeves provide personalized fit and help keep protection in place.
  • Internal waist connection zipper for attachment to riding pants.
  • Reflective detailing on front, back and sleeves improves rider visibility.
  • Graphic detailing on front, sleeves and back.

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Sizing Information

These jackets are sold in US based “alpha” sizes, so selecting a size is basically pretty easy. The size Medium and XL jackets fit Huey and Dewey, our Fit Check mannequins very nicely! Also, we checked several sizes with a tape. We found the sizing to be comparable to standard men’s clothing sizes. So our primary advice would be to choose the size you normally wear in men’s clothing.

Alpinestars publishes a super-complicated size chart which can be used to pick a size based upon your chest and waist. We’ve condensed their chart down to make it easy to read (see below). You can use this size chart to check your own measurements against the size chart to make sure the size you select will work. Choose a size that is big enough for both your chest and belly.

The max waist of a jacket style like this is only a couple inches smaller than the max chest, so the style is very forgiving in case you have a bit of a belly, but don’t be concerned if your belly is smaller than the size listed below because this jacket has some very effective side waist adjustment straps.

One caution about fit we found is that the cut of the jacket is relatively slimmer through the shoulders, so those with wide shoulders probably aren’t going to like the fit. I have wide shoulders and felt the jacket pull on my underarms when reaching forward in a riding position, but others who tried this one on all were relatively slim/skinny and didn’t see any issue with fit.

Jacket Size Chest Range Waist/Belly Range
Small 37.5 to 39 37
Medium 40 to 41.5 39.5
Large 42 to 43.5 41.5
XL 44.5 to 46 44
XXL 47 to 49 47
XXXL 49 to 51 49
XXXXL 51.5 to 53 51

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

The Yokohama Drystar jacket is designed with features that will appeal to more touring, and adventure style riding. This jacket will accommodate a wider range of temps because it has extensive zippered venting which is designed for direct flow to the body. And this jacket features “bonded” construction of the Drystar waterproof liner which gives better performance than “standard” construction (more on that below). And the jacket also has a removable thermal liner for cold weather use.

The overall style of this jacket will work for a lot of different type riding. It isn’t a short waist/sport style, but it isn’t overly long either, so I think it could easily work for nearly an sort of street use. And with the matching pants (see link below), it makes a good looking, high performance outfit. I notice this jacket has a two way zipper in front. If you are in a more aggressive riding position, the main zipper can be opened from the bottom up to help keep the jacket’s front material from wadding up in front of your chest.

This jacket has a good deal of storage, and all of it is waterproof. There are two large patch pockets on the front and one breast pocket just inside the flap over the main zipper (so you can reach your stuff without unzipping), and inside there are patch pockets on each side (both on the thermal liner and the jacket’s liner so you’ll have those pockets whether you are using the thermal liner or not.

This product is one of the first styles from Alpinestars to use their new “bonded” Drystar construction. A jacket or pant where the waterproof membrane is “bonded” to the shell. Jackets/pants with the standard non-bonded waterproof liner means the liner is installed between the jacket’s outer shell and inner liner, but with bonded construction, the waterproof barrier is fused to the outer layer. One advantage to the bonded garment is that the shell material won’t absorb water and soak through, but rather the shell material repels the water. That means the jacket itself doesn’t absorb water and so it doesn’t take on weight and so it won’t take so long to dry after you get out of the rain.

I’m told also, the breath-ability of a bonded garment is better than non-bonded. This jacket has a variety of zippered vents… two on the front chest, two in back and sleeve end vents as well. hose zip vents are waterproof which will keep water out when they are closed off, and with the bonded waterproof liner setup, when you op[en the zippers air will pass directly through to your skin. This arrangement allows for better cooling as compared to jackets where the air only passes over the outside of a non-bonded waterproof liner. Those who ride long distances and through varying weather conditions will appreciate the better venting. And for colder weather, you close up those vents and use the removable full-sleeve thermal liner which feel nice and should give lots of warmth. I’d say this jacket is are easily three season… maybe 3 1/2 season.

For compatibility with Alpinestars pants, the jacket has a full around zip connection so you can have an integrated suit. So the new bonded Drystar construction with its better venting and waterproof capabilities is the draw here. Of course the price is run up as compared to standard textiles, but if you compare to other high-end bonded Outdry or GoreTex garements, I think you’ll see that the Yokohama is competitive. :: Paul, 10-17-17

Armor upgrades: We have listed the options for upgrading the back protector and chest protectors below. The jacket comes with foam pieces installed in the chest and back protector pockets. The standard armor pieces have minimal thickness and are not rated, however it remains your option as to whether or not to upgrade them. We suggest you order the armor with the jacket and see what you think. If you are adding all the armor and chest protectors. expect the jacket to fit a little more snug. If you were between sizes in the size advice, and want to all armor, definitely choose the larger.

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