Noru Raiu Waterproof Overpant ::

Noru Raiu Waterproof Overpant


  • Waterproof over-pant
  • 100% waterproof suspended drop liner construction
  • 600d durable polyester construction with 1200d shaped knee panels
  • 1200d abrasion resistant fabric seat
  • Full length, all-access, side entry zip fastenings with double layer storm guards
  • Full length quilted removable zip-out branded NORU lining
  • Short connecting zip for jacket
  • CE approved armor – knees

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Sizing Information

Below is the size chart we developed for this pant. The waist size is listed as a range. The upper end of the range is measured with the front Velcro closure opened up. You will be able to snug the pant down in size about 3”.

These pants are designed as an overpant, but they are not sized as an overpant so you need to measure while wearing the clothes you intend to wear under the pants and choose the size accordingly. The inseam on these pants is about 32” across the size range which is a little shorter than normal when you get into the larger sizes. The rise of the pants makes up for some of this shortage, but when you’re in the saddle the rise won’t be able to make up the room.

Pant Size Waist Range Inseam
XS 27-29 32
Small 29-32 32
Medium 32-35 32
Large 35-38 32
XL 38-41 32
XXL 41-43 32
XXXL 43-46 32

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

The Noru Raiu Waterproof Overpant is a new style for Fall 2021.

This overpant has full length zips on the side for easy entry even when you’ve got your boots on. The hip armor pocket is over the very top of the zipper, but the pocket connects with hook and loop so it is easily removed. Armor is included in the knees, but the hip armor pocket is empty so if you wanted to upgrade we would suggest either the SAS-Tech or D3O armor listed below.

The waterproofing is baked into the shell on this one so there is no venting. The full length zip is two-way but the waterproof flap will probably prevent any real air circulation through there. There is a removable thermal liner that has a circumference zip at the waist as well. One call out here, normally with two way zippers on the outside riders are hoping to reach into their pockets on the under garments they are wearing but here you will run into 2 things, the pocket for the hip armor and the thermal liner. Both are removable but just keep it in mind if you wanted to have access that it doesn’t go through with everything installed. There is reflective material on the knee and cuff as well. The waist has a hook and loop adjustment that will allow about 3” of tightening so these should be an easy fit.

These pants should work well for cool to cold weather since there is no venting options. But if you’re looking for an overpant for a cool weather ride these are a fantastic option, and at this price they’re hard to beat! :: Mike, 11-1-21

About NORU: The NORU line of riding gear is new for us for 2021. It comes to us through one of our very long-time distributors of riding gear and apparel, Helmet House of California. Helmet House is the owner of the Cortech and Tour Master brands and is a distributor of other well known brands such as Shoei helmets and Alpinestars apparel. NORU is designed with value in mind… in fact, exceptional value and will serve those well who want decent riding gear on a minimal budget. NORU says: Inspired by Japan’s culture of careful refinement, NORU is the Japanese word that means “To Ride”. Founded by lifelong motorcycle enthusiasts, NORU is the performance champion of motorcycle apparel that you can afford.

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