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Klim D3O Hip Armor

Common Features to all Klim D3O armor:
  • Sold in pairs
  • High quality performance shock absorption
  • Trusted protection
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Tested to highest standards
This armor:
  • Fits gear with pockets for hip armor
  • Original design
  • Choice of CE Level 1 or 2 in the drop down menu below

For an overview of all Klim D3O armor scroll down

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Our Two Cents

Klim D3O Armor Overview

Two general designs… “original” or “LP”:

The “original” design of D3O armor for Klim gear is the type WITHOUT the honeycomb design. It has a smooth finish with holes. The original armor is offered in Level 1 or Level 2. Level 2 is about 50% thicker than level 1. This armor is almost identical to the D3O armor we offer from Icon.

The most recently introduced version of armor is called “LP” armor. It has a distinctive honeycomb design which allows air to flow more freely through it. The D3O material used to make the armor is the same as the “original” armor. I’m not sure what LP means… I’m guessing “low profile”, but dimensionally its pretty much the same as the original armor. Its probably just a way to name it. LP armor is also offered in CE Level 1 and 2. In the LP design, CE Level 1 is standard and CE Level 2 armor is called “Pro”. Like the original design, the Pro armor is about 50% thicker than the standard Level 1 armor.

How it fits in the gear… H&L

Most Klim gear has fabric pockets for the installation of armor pieces, but some gear is built with hook and loop to hold/adjust the armor, If your Klim gear has hook and loop you’ll need the “H&L” version of the armor. H&L armor is only offered in the LP honeycomb design. Like the non-H&L armor, the H&L armor is offered in the standard or Pro thicknesses (CE Level 1 or 2).

To see the overview of of all these styles with thumbnails, click here