Joe Rocket Perforated Stealth Sport Pants ::

Joe Rocket Perforated Stealth Sport Pants

  • 1.1 to 1.3mm top grain cowhide (also available in solid leather version, see below)
  • C.E. approved knee armor
  • Adjustable high density hip padding
  • Full Flex™ leg stretch panels
  • Adjustable waistband
  • Pre-curved leg
  • 360 plus 8” zippers for jacket attachment
  • Velcro® panels for optional knee sliders
  • Articulated expansion panels for increased mobility

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Sizing Information

I measured a selection of sizes in this pant and found them to measure out as expected in the waist. Pants like this are more high waisted than typical jeans so it would be best to measure yourself just below the navel to get a true reading of what size you are. If you measure down low on your hips where jeans tend to sit, you’ll get a smaller reading and may wind up with pants that are too small. The waist of these pants has some wide elastic on each side and there is a Velcro strap in front to help cinch them down a bit. I’d advise you to choose a size that is the same as your measured waist. If you are between sizes you’d probably want to go with the larger and adjust them down for a good fit.

The inseam in a pant like this is designed to go to the ankle bone with the idea that you’ll be tucking the pants into boots. The measured inseam on the pants is approximately 30” (a bit shorter in the smaller sizes and a bit longer in the big sizes) which will work well for people of average height. If you are very tall or short, you probably won’t like the fit of this style since they don’t offer “shorts” or “talls”, and pants like this are not practical to alter.

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Our Two Cents

These new Stealth Sport pants by Joe Rocket come in two versions… a solid leather version and a perforated version, but otherwise are identical, so I’ll tell you about both, and let you choose which version would be best for you and your climate. Just a hint…. black leather sport pants will be HOT in warm weather, and even a perforated pant won’t move as much air as you might think. That is because, in the tucked riding position, the perforated portions on the pant are not being directly blasted by wind like the front of a jacket. When in doubt, I’d advise the perforated pants!

Anyway, back to the pant… I can’t point to any specific “wow” feature on these two styles, but I really like them overall. Personally, I like the fact that the front of the pant is part-textile and also I like the feel of the stretch material used on the insides of the legs and in back of the knee. The textile used on the front cuts down on the bulk of material in your lap when you are bent at the waist in the riding position, and the stretch material used elsewhere is more flexible and thinner than some of the more rugged materials I’ve seen in leather sport pants, so overall, my impression is that they just fit better than past models. Also, textile material is used to make the flex panels above the knees and in the rear below the waist… again, the use of this material as compared to leather cuts down on bulk and weight.

The waist has two sturdy zippers that are compatible with Joe Rocket jackets… both a short rear zip and an all around zip are there to use (different Joe Rocket jackets come with different zips… either the short rear or all-around). The mating half of the zippers comes with the pants too, in case you want to adapt the pants to an existing, non-Joe Rocket jacket you have. Being standard black, they’d work well with just about any sport or race style. The pants come with standard CE armor pieces in the knees and some pretty nice Velcro-in hip pads (not rated… just a sturdy dense pad). Velcro is pre-installed on the knees if you want to add pucks. Two zip close, small pockets are situated in front for some storage.

Overall, I like the better fit of these pants because of the use of textile and stretch fabric instead of all-leather… they shape to the body better in the riding position and are reduced in weight. The pants have all the “standard features” you are likely going to want and are highly adaptable to any Joe Rocket jacket or any other sport jacket for that matter. Lastly, I think Joe Rocket has done a good job keeping overall quality high and keeping the price reasonable. :: Paul, 08-26-14