Noru Kuro Leather Pant ::

Noru Kuro Leather Pant

  • Leather sport riding pant
  • 1.2mm full grain Cowhide leather construction with airflow punched front panels
  • Comfort stretch fabric at back of knees
  • Airflow mesh inner lining with stretch at waist for improved movement
  • Concertina stretch panels above knees and across base of back
  • Short connecting zip for jacket
  • CE approved armor – knees

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Sizing Information

We measured a selection of these pants and found the waist sizes to be pretty accurate, so our advice would be to choose a size based upon your measured waist size. For most, that will be one or two inches larger than jeans (since most jeans are “vanity sized”). Sport pants like this ride on your waist a little higher than most jeans, so when you measure, put the take about 1” below the navel. With the wide elastic, I’d estimate the pants will accommodate waist size one inch either side of the stated size.

These pants have wide elastic panels of the sides of the waist, so they’ll stretch quite a bit. This style of waist is most commonly found on the pants of a 2pc suit setup. The idea is that you’ll be zipping these pants to a jacket which will help hold the pants up and the elastic gives a lot of comfort when sitting in the riding position. I recommend that you plan on zipping these pants to a compatible jacket. If you want to adapt the pant zipper to your own jacket, the pants do not come with the mating half of the zipper on the waist of the pants so you’ll have to either buy the matching Maruchi jacket from Noru or rely on your tailor to match the zipper. You can also wear suspenders. But just wearing the pants alone over a shirt will probably result in plumber’s butt when you bend over in your motorcycle seat.

The inseam on these sport pants measures out at about 31” – 32” which is typical for sport pants like this which are designed to be worn inside sport/race boots. I found the fit better suit those with an average inseam. This style should work for anyone who typically buys a 32” – 34” inseam.

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

The Noru Kuro perforated leather pants are a great, value priced “entry level” street race pant. The leather is thick and the expansion panels and stretch materials make them comfortable in the tuck position.

The leather used in these pants is heavy duty enough and a more than half the surface area of the pant is perforated, so the pants should be reasonably comfortable in hot weather. The armor used in these pants is standard stuff… CE molded units in the knees and you have the option to add armor in the hips as there are pockets there for it (see links for related products). Noru is no longer putting armor pockets in the hips, we pointed out that the pockets were too small for most armor choices and they would need to be trimmed to fit. Noru “fixed the problem” by removing the pockets altogether. :( – Mike 09/27/2022

The pants have a very comfortable waistband design with a short rear zipper for connection to the Noru sport jackets (with compatible zipper, mating half not included with pants). The pants are a street sport style so no knee pucks here. The jacket and pant combo might work for very light track use but they do not have a full circumference zipper connection that is often a track requirement. The pants do have a couple of zip-close pockets in front so that makes them a bit more street friendly.

Overall, these pants are very nice for the money. The leather quality is very good and the construction quality is good. These definitely aren’t the level of the top tier brands, but at these prices, it is tough to beat a pant like this. :: Mike, 10/8/21

About NORU: The NORU line of riding gear is new for us for 2021. It comes to us through one of our very long-time distributors of riding gear and apparel, Helmet House of California. Helmet House is the owner of the Cortech and Tour Master brands and is a distributor of other well known brands such as Shoei helmets and Alpinestars apparel. NORU is designed with value in mind… in fact, exceptional value and will serve those well who want decent riding gear on a minimal budget. NORU says: Inspired by Japan’s culture of careful refinement, NORU is the Japanese word that means “To Ride”. Founded by lifelong motorcycle enthusiasts, NORU is the performance champion of motorcycle apparel that you can afford.

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