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Dainese Metropolis Shoes

  • Canvas fabric inserts
  • Cowhide suede upper
Performance Shock
  • Rigid inserts on ankles
  • Shoes certified to CE – Cat. II – EN 13634 Standard
  • Closing with laces
  • Closing with zipper
  • Leather gear shifter guard
Temperature Adjustment
  • Mesh Liner
General Features
  • Reflective inserts
  • Rubber outsole with differentiated design

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Sizing Information

We tried a selection of these boots in our showroom and found the size chart conversion to be accurate for length. The width of the boots is “medium” or C/D width. We suggest using the size chart to choose a size based upon your US shoe size, or of course choose the European size you wear if you know it.

In trying on these shoes myself, I found the length to be correct, maybe even a bit generous, so if you are between sizes, I’d advise trying the smaller. Click the image below to make it bigger:

Our Two Cents

For 2019, Dainese is offering three new high top sneaker style riding shoes, the Persepolis Air Shoe (a perforated leather), Metropolis shoes (suede and fabric upper) and the Metropolis D-WP (same suede and fabric upper but with an internal waterproof liner).

I’m reviewing all three of these styles together today since the basic “frame” of each shoe is the same. All three offer a reinforced solid rubber sole with a high-top sneaker style upper. And all three have a side zipper so you can put them on and take them off without re-lacing every time (a nice time saver!).

For protection these styles have a stiffener in the sole which is “just OK”, but certainly more than the average sneaker. The toe box is moderately reinforced and each shoe has an extra layer of material over the toe box to serve as a wear surface where your shifter will hit. . The heel area also has an internal stiffener (again, nothing special, but better than an ordinary street shoe). And finally, the shoes has hidden and internal protectors on either side of the ankle bone. The ankle protectors feel sturdy, but they are padded well and very comfortable.

As for which version you need, the choice is one part personal styling preference and one part expected riding conditions. The perforated leather Persepolis Air will be great for mild to hot weather and would NOT be good for wet weather. The leather in these shoes is really nice quality and wouldn’t hold up well to getting wet. And of course water will just pass right through them. Bad for rainstorms!

The standard and D-WP in the Metropolis, being a fabric and suede exterior offers a different styling vibe for sure. If you expect to ride in rain, then choice is obvious… get the D-WP version. Because of the waterproof liner in this boot, it will be more comfy in cooler weather too (doesn’t breathe as well). The standard Metropolis should work in a pretty wide temp range.

We’ve put links to the other two styles at the bottom of each protect page, so click through the pictures for a better feel as to how they look and about the color choices. :: Paul, 06-03-19