Alpinestars Pikes Drystar Jacket ::

Alpinestars Pikes Drystar Jacket (SOLD OUT)

  • Multifabric shell construction (450 d)
  • Leather panels
  • Removable thermal liner
  • Featuring jet ventilation system with large zippered air intakes on chest for cooling performance
  • Chest waterproof pockets
  • Waist adjustment belt
  • Fit and volume adjusters on biceps
  • Zippered back air intakes
  • Accordion stretch inserts on elbows
  • Removable CE certified elbow and shoulder protectors
  • External dual density TPU shoulder sliders
  • Reflective detailing on front, back and sleeves
  • Internal waist connection zipper for attachment to riding pants
  • Chest and back pad compartments with PE padding

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Sizing Information

These jackets are sold in US based “alpha” sizes. For most Alpinestars styles we recommend choosing the size you normally wear, but this style is running a bit smaller… in fact about one size smaller. I’ve put together a chart below that shows you Alpinestars’ chest size estimate for each jacket size, and I’m also including our estimate of max chest. In the very small sizes, the jackets are close to what you might expect… maybe a half size small, but in the larger sizes, they are one full size smaller (maybe even a bit more in the multi-X sizes).

The best thing to do to choose a size is to measure your chest and belly and choose a jacket size that will be big enough to accommodate both, and for most, that will put you in a jacket that is about one size bigger than you normally wear.

The taper of this jacket is about average (taper means how much smaller the waist/belly is than the chest). As you can see from the chart, the belly is consistently about 4” smaller than the chest which will be great for nearly any type of street riding. If you are a bit smaller in the waist, you can use the side adjusters to snug up the waist to suit.

Jacket Size Alpinestars Est of
Chest Range
Our Estimate of
Max Chest
Max Belly
Small 37.5 to 39 38 34
Medium 40 to 41.5 40 36
Large 42 to 43.5 42 38
XL 44.5 to 46 44 40
XXL 47 to 49 46 42
XXXL 49 to 51 49 45
XXXXL 51.5 to 53 52 47

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

This new Pikes jacket is a more sporty version of all the Alpinestars waterproof jackets. The fit especially is very trim (see my comments above), and the overall cut is more for a sport riding position.

First, I’d like to point out a couple unusual features… the jacket has some rather substantial TPU molded shoulder armor pieces on the outside of the jacket, and these are in addition to the normal CE elbow/shoulder package that is included with the jacket. Also, there are leather overlays on the backs of the sleeves to beef up the area behind the elbows and forearms. This looks really sharp… I’ve always liked the combo textile/leather or mesh/leather styles.

The armor system in the jacket is Alpinestars’ new standard where you can add chest protectors and also an upgraded back protector. There are foam inserts in the jacket for the chest and back as standard, but those are thin and considered “placeholders”. See the links below for the optional chest and back armor. Alpinestars armor system, when all the options are in place, makes for the most comprehensive system of all the brands we sell.

This jacket has a textile shell, and has a waterproof/breathable inside liner. That liner is the material you see on the inside of the jacket (in our photos). That liner keeps the water from reaching all the way to your body, but the shell material is not waterproof. But even still, Alpinestars includes a couple zippered waterproof pockets on the chest and inside the main zipper placket so you can store some items and keep them dry even though the shell material gets wet.

This jacket has a substantial removable liner which is full sleeve and is quite thick and nice feeling. I’m sure it will do a good job to keep you warm. This jacket will be great for cold to mild weather. Hot weather? Uh, not so much. With the integrated waterproof liner the flow of air through the zippered venting won’t go all the way through the jacket to your body, so venting will be marginal. Warm weather without the thermal liner would probably be fine, but not hot summer weather. For that, pick a good mesh style.

One other neat feature I haven’t seen before…. the cover over the main zipper is in two parts. The upper part is separated from the lower part and if you use the handy collar closure tie-back on the side of the collar, you can run with the neck open and the placket doesn’t interfere with you doing that.

Overall, a sharp new style with new inventive features. And the styling is top notch (IMHO). :: Paul, 09-28-15

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