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Icon Motorhead 3 Glove

The Icon Motorhead3 Glove features an Ax Laredo synthetic chassis for its hide-like feel and positive control feedback. D3O inserts throughout the glove provide the significant coverage required for the premier street battle dress. Hook and loop wrist closure allows for easy on/off as well as adjustability for comfort.

  • Ax Laredo Engineered Synthetic Chassis & Palm.
  • Tested and Certified According to Standard – EN 13594:2015,Level 1,KP.
  • D3O Knuckle Impact Protector, Secure Hook and Loop Wrist Closure.

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Sizing Information

These gloves fit consistently with the major American designed brands we carry such as Tour Master, Joe Rocket, FirstGear, etc, which are “normal” in fit and size. And they are a bit roomier than some European brands such as Alpinestars and REV’IT! that typically run about a half size smaller than the American “normal” fit. Hopefully, you have some experience with buying gloves and can choose based on the fit of a previous pair.

If you have no previous experience with glove sizing, go here for help.

Our Two Cents

The new Icon Motorhead3 gloves are a new glove style for Icon. They named them “3” to line up with the matching jacket that debuted at the same time.

These gloves make heavy use of Ax Laredo synthetic leather. This synthetic leather has improved abrasion resistance while minimizing thickness. The palm has overlays for extra abrasion resistance in key areas of wear. On the back of the hand, fingers, the cuff, and the hook and loop closure all feature blocky padding armor. I’m not 100% certain but I believe the knuckle area is the only armor that is actually D3O and the rest are more for style and have a foam type of reinforcement hidden underneath. The knuckle is a “floating” style that has a small gap to the back of the hand.

The index finger and thumb work ok on both Apple and Android devices here at the shop, it isn’t stellar on Apple devices though. The hook and loop closure gives you a secure feel and should hold the gloves on in the event of a crash.

Overall these gloves are decent, especially at this price point. I guess we need to get used to the new synthetic leather around here, but it just seems cheaply made when you feel them. Icon stands by the improved abrasion resistance it offers and they’ve put in the R&D on it so we’ll take their word for it. These gloves should work for most riders in warm to cool temperatures since there is no venting or insulation. :: Mike, 12-28-21

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