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Power Trip Supercharger Leather Jacket

  • 1.2mm drum dyed leather
  • Zipper-controlled vents
  • Zip-out insulated vest liner
  • Metal main zipper
  • Perforated shoulder expansion gusset
  • Sleeves are pre-curved and angled forward
  • Reflective stripe

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Sizing Information

These Supercharger jackets are a terrific bargain mostly because the manufacturer mis-marked the sizing on a number of jackets and we were able to get a price reduction for straightening out their mess. We measured every last jacket in this group and re-marked the sizing appropriately. Choose a jacket in the size you normally wear in men’s clothing. Below is a table showing the max chest and belly for each jacket size. The actual measurement of the jacket’s chest is approx. 4” larger than state “Max Chest” listed below, which is OK because of the casual style of the jacket (it wouldn’t look/fit right if it were a snug fit like a sport jacket). Likewise, the “Max Waist/Belly” is generous for a given size, again since this is a casual style jacket.

Jacket Size Max Chest Max Belly
Small 40 34
Medium 42 36
Large 44 38

Our Two Cents

Many cruiser and street riders prefer a style just like this jacket. And at a fraction of the original MSRP, it’s a bargain! This style has a regular shirt collar and traditional styling, so it will be just as useful as a casual jacket as it will as a motorcycle jacket. The leather is medium weight and very high quality—very soft and pliable with no breaking in necessary. The jacket comes with a removable dual density foam back protector and pockets for installation of optional armor. If you want to add armor, I recommend the dual density type based upon the size/shape of the armor pockets (take the link below). For climate control, you get two zippered biceps vents and two rear exhaust vents. And for cooler weather, you can use the removable vest-type thermal liner. The area behind each arm is tailored with an “action back” which is an extra fold of leather to allow you to reach the handlebars easily without stretching the back of the coat unnecessarily. And another nice touch… each collar tip has a snap underneath so the collar doesn’t flap and hit your chin when you are at highway speeds. Only nit to pic: There is a large metal Powertrip logo that attaches in the rear inside collar area by two little chrome chains. That thing is too thick and it rubs a little. If you buy and decide you are keeping the jacket you’ll want to get out the wire cutters and do surgery :)

Happy Customers Who Bought This Product

From: Dean C.
Location: California

very comfortable jacket. great protection. the look is awesome too! (Read more...)

From: scott s.
Location: New York

The Power Trip Supercharger jacket is the best bang-for-the-buck I've ever seen in a jacket. It easily exceeds the quality of jackets that cost twice, or three times as much. It's such a great deal that I actually bought three of them! Also I want... (Read more...)