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HJC IS-Max BT Raptor Helmet

  • Advanced injection molded lightweight polycarbonate shell
  • Single-button one handed chin bar/face shield release
  • Superior fit & comfort using advanced CAD technology
  • One-touch patent pending integrated SunShield
  • Smoke-tinted SunShield deploys quickly & easily
  • Three stage multiple positions with locking mechanism
  • BlueTooth® ready with integrated recess & interior speaker cavities (Bluetooth unit sold separately)
  • Optically superior PinLock® faceshield provides 95% UV protection (HJ-17)
  • QuickSlide™ tool-less shield replacement system
  • Multiple optional faceshields & SunShields available
  • “ACS” Advanced Channeling Ventilation System: full front to back airflow flushes heat & humidity up & out
  • SilverCool™ removable & washable interior
  • Meets or exceeds D.O.T. standards
  • SunShield System ( US Patent No. 7,540,033 )

The IS-Max BT is designed to seamlessly integrate with the new ChatterBox XBi2-H Plus Bluetooth Communication System. Mounting tabs are built in to the helmet for the microphone and the ChatterBox unit, and you can internally route all of the wires for a clean look. Check out the new ChatterBox XBi2-H Plus here.

Take a look at how the ChatterBox unit installs in the helmet by clicking here

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Our Two Cents

When I first put on the HJC IS-Max BT helmet I could not help but notice that the helmet has a more rounded shape to the crown. The design and the aerodynamics of the shell make this helmet useful in several different riding positions but it is mostly geared towards the sport touring and commuting rider. The “IS” stands for internal sunshield which has a slider lever on the top of the helmet and is easy to find and operate with gloves on. To retract the internal shield you simply press a button on the top of the helmet and a spring loaded release retracts the shield. The “Max” in the name IS-Max indicates that it is a member of the modular family of helmets by HJC. The modular or flip-up chin bar helmets are very handy if you wear glasses or simply need to talk to a fellow rider. No need to get off the bike and take the helmet off if you just need to communicate with a passenger or fellow rider. It also makes for a quick and easy way to vent out the helmet. If you get too hot or stuck in some slow traffic you can simply flip up the chin bar and get a nice breeze blowing through the helmet. The helmet does come with some venting but not as much as you find on the SY-Max III or the RPHA- Max helmets. There are two intake vents at the top of the helmet which pull air in through the top of the helmet and down through the EPS liner. The EPS liner has grooves molded into it that channel the heat up and away from the head. There is also a vent on the chin bar that brings air in and across the inside of the visor to help keep it from fogging up on you during those cooler days. Speaking of fogging the IS-Max comes with a Pinlock ready visor. When you add the Pinlock inserts to the visor you have a shield that you cannot get to fog up even if you try… Believe me I tried, and couldn’t do it. Now the last bit of the name, “BT”, that stands for Bluetooth. The helmet comes Bluetooth ready…now that is a bit misleading. The Bluetooth is not built into the helmet but HJC and ChatterBox got together and designed a helmet and communication system that can easily work together. The ChatterBox XBi2-H Plus Bluetooth is sold separately but is made to fit into this helmet. This is what the little door is for on the left side of the helmet. HJC also built in speaker pockets behind the cheek pads. Overall I really like the IS-Max BT. The liner and padding in the helmet is very comfortable and you just feel cool with the drop down engaged. Like you are about to jump into a jet and do battle alongside Maverick and Goose. Queue up the Top Gun theme music on your phone and sync it up to the Bluetooth and hit the road! Haha, I’m a dork, I know. :: Aaron, 3/1/13

Happy Customers Who Bought This Product

From: John H.
Location: Montana

Final note... If you are on a budget the HJC IS-Max BT is a great helmet. I would highly recommend this helmet. (Read more...)

From: Phillip B.
Location: Oklahoma

This helmet is an outstanding value. It replaces a KBC modular that I have worn for nearly 6 years. It weighs only 4 lbs in size XL, and is quieter than the KBC. (Read more...)

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