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HJC Breath Guard for IS-Max II and CL-Max II Helmets

This breath guard installs into IS-Max II and CL-Max II helmets to help direct your breath away from the shield.

Here is a link to HJC’s website where you’ll find information on installing and removing shields, base plates, cheek pads, chin curtains, etc, as well as helmet care and cleaning.

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This breath guard attaches to the inside of your helmet’s chin bar. The breath box installs in the helmet one of two ways… either with a 5” Velcro strip which you stick to the chin bar, or with a small plastic strip. Most commonly the Velcro is used in the CL-Max II and the plastic strip is used in the IS-Max II.

When installed, the breath guard fits over your nose and down the side of your mouth and is open on the bottom. The idea is that your breath will be deflected down and out of the helmet to keep your shield from fogging.

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From: Adam
Location: Chicago

The Fieldsheer jacket is my first and favorite one. It has decent climate control, making it comfortable in all but the coldest and hottest weather. The HJC helmet is a great budget helmet, offering a ton of nice features at a low price. (Read more...)

From: Ricardo V.
Location: Chile

Very good helmet, I put a sticker behind. It is very cool. Tx. (Read more...)