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Helite GP Air Racing Vest

Airbag: The shape of our Helite airbag offers a full protection, absorbs impacts and stabilizes the whole upper body from head to tailbone. The gas volume of 18 liters provides optimal pressure in the event of a fall. Very fast inflation time for efficient protection -> 75 ms. All vest sizes use a 60cc cartridge.

Turtle Technology: Front and back body armor for double the TURTLE effect! The Turtle Technology principle is similar to a helmet: soft on the inside, hard on the outside. A huge improvement for rider protection. The result? Absorption/distribution of shocks that are considerably higher as well as protecting riders from protruding objects.

Aerodynamics: The cut of the GP AIR has been specially developed for racers on the track. In order to be able to wear the GP AIR over the suit, space has been left for the hump. Thanks to accordion leather side panels and Velcro fastenings on the front, the GP AIR fits all body types.

Abrasion resistant materials: Very strong abrasion resistance leather (cow hide 1,2 mm) + foam to protect the airbag chamber. Leather sliders have been added in the back for even more protection.

Reconditioning: Quick and easy replacement of the C02 cartridge directly by the rider.The size of the cartridge is proportional to the size of the airbag. One cartridge is included with the GP AIR. We recommend to have an additional cartridge in case of a fall.

Mechanical trigger: Helite airbags are 100% mechanical to avoid unexpected airbag activation and changing batteries. No special tools or technical knowledge are required to install the lanyard on the motorcycle.

Customization: You can customize your GP AIR with quick access to the front and back.There are many possibilities to make your airbag vest unique.

CE certification: GP AIR is certified by the external laboratory CRITI Sport, the French specialist for objectively testing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Item not elligible for expedited shipping due to regulations regarding the shipment of CO2 cartridges

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Sizing Information

The most important factor in choosing a size of a Helite Vest is your height so the inflatable parts of vest that pass around your torso are in approximately the right place. We’ve listed the height ranges for each size below. There are two “plus” sizes offered in the vest for those that are wider than average. We’ve listed some approximate chest measurements to help you decide if you need a “plus” size or one of the standard sizes. Helite recommends measuring OVER your race suit. The vest has a cutout for the neck hump on a suit, so don’t include the added size of the hump when measuring.

Vest Size Height Chest Measurement
Over Riding Gear
Waist Measurement
Over Riding Gear
Small 5’3” to 5’8” 29” – 33” 26” – 32”
Medium 5’4” to 5’11” 31” – 35” 28” – 34”
Large 5’6” to 6’1” 33” – 37” 30” – 35”
Large + 5’6” to 6’2” 35” – 39” 32” – 37”
XL 5’7” to 6’4” 35” – 41” 32” – 39”
XL + 5’7” to 6’4” 37” – 45” 34” – 43”

Here are some fit tips from Helite: The vest should have a close-fitting for aerodynamics and it must go down approx 4” below the crest of the iliac (hip bone). Caution, you mustn’t wear Helite airbag if you weight less than 77lbs.

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

The Helite GP Air racing vest is specifically made for track use and is designed to be worn over a protective leather race suit. It gives a trimmer fit to fit the close fit of race suits, and it has a cutout for the race hump in back. Also, the reaction time is increased beyond all the street-use vests and jackets. This vest does not include a back protector like the street-use models. It is assumed your race suit will include the back protector. The front area that surrounds the cartridge and mechanism is reinforced and padded and “Sliders” have been added to vest on the back to improve its impact protection and abrasion resistance. Please take a look at the photos in our photo gallery to get a visual of the vest in action. :: Paul, 06-22-18

Description from Helite: For the highest level of safety for any motorcyclists Helite introduces the Helite GP Air Airbag Track Vest. Practical, lightweight and discreet with an all new aerodynamic design and flexible fit, the GP Air Track Vest has been specially developed for the race track.

While continuing to protect any rider wearing it from serious injury, the design of the GP Air focuses on aerodynamic design while making space for your suit’s hump. This vest guarantees optimum protection without sacrificing comfort. The airbag system boasts full protection covering your head and neck, spine, chest, ribs, pelvis, pancreas, liver, lungs, etc. with a full-inflation time of under 80-milliseconds when deployed. That makes it the fastest mechanically triggered airbag system on the planet.

The GP Air Track Vest utilizes Helite’s patented TURTLE technology with one exception: the TURTLE effect has been DOUBLED! Not only does the back of the vest have protective armor. The front of the GP Air has integrated body armor as well! This means an even higher level of protection than ever before.

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