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Helite CO2 Refill Cartridge

Please refer to the Helite product page on our site to know which size cartridge to buy when you order the air bag product. If you already have an airbag product, just look at the cartridge and you’ll know which one to buy.

Helite recommends having a spare cartridge with you if you are riding long distances.

Here are some good FAQ’s from Helite’s website regarding the replacement cartridges:

IS THE AIRBAG REUSABLE? Yes, as long as the airbag is in good condition (no holes, tears) you can reuse it. Easy to do, you can reset the system yourself in minutes, without sending your vest back to Helite. It is only necessary to replace the CO2 cartridge with a new one, available at all Helite dealers. See our instructional video page for a YouTube link on How to Reset a Helite Airbag System. Please, check the size of the airbag when replacing cartridges. If you have a size S, M, L, or XL please use only 60CC cartridges. If you have a L+ or XL+ please use a 100CC cartridge. For all jackets, use a 60CC cartridge.

WHAT SHOULD I DO AFTER MY HELITE ACTIVATES? The airbag will de-flate automatically after about 2 minutes and recover its shape. Before reactivating the system with a new cartridge, make sure the vest is in good condition: no holes, or damage. If you are unsure of the status of your motorcycle airbag, you may return it to Helite, at after sales service in Emeryville, CA for inspection and repair.

CAN THE AIRBAG GO OFF ACCIDENTALLY IF I FORGET TO UNCLIP? Accidental deployments are extremely rare. The force required for the initiation of the airbag is between 45 and 60 lbs. according to size. If a rider forgets to detach from his bike, he will feel a strong tension on his vest or jacket before the airbag is triggered. As driving in the car, if you do not unclip the seat belt before stepping out you remain hooked. It becomes a habit to attach and detach and with time you feel a bit ‘naked’ if you ride without clipping in the airbag.

WILL A ROAD SLIDE DAMAGE MY HELITE AIRBAG? Helite uses the best fabrics suitable for motorcycling that offer excellent resistance to abrasion. The airbag is protected by a highly abrasion resistant 1000 Denier strength Cordura. Tests carried out by independent journalists shows a sliding crash at 62MPH with the same HELITE airbag vest requires 6 slides before having to consider repair work. If the airbag were to tear or damage during the accident, it can be easily serviced by a Helite expert and used again.

Item not elligible for expedited shipping due to regulations regarding the shipment of CO2 cartridges

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From: Erik W.
Location: Washington

I've been researching air bags for awhile. It was an easy decision to get the Helite Turtle 2 for the added protection it offers. Ordering it through MotorCycle gear was easy & it arrived in a timely matter and as described. I will definitely be o... (Read more...)