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Helite Adventure Jacket

  • Airbag Technology HELITE TURTLE® Euro CE certified deploying in 0.1 seconds
  • Humax waterproof, windproof, breathable membrane
  • Wide retro-reflective piping front, back, and arms
  • Technical textile CORDURA®, highly abrasion resistant
  • Thermal, removable liner (polyester)
  • Comfortable neoprene neck, with adjustable slider to fit the neck to your preference
  • Two large side vents on each side in the front and back of the body
  • Two vents up the sleeve starting at the cuff
  • Strap adjustments to tighten the jacket around the waist, bicep, and forearm.
  • Each jacket comes with one CO2 cartridge, and one motorcycle lanyard
  • SAS-TEC back protector, CE certified level 2
  • KNOX CE approved shoulder and elbow armor
  • Two lower waterproof pockets
  • Many interior and exterior pockets

    Item not elligible for expedited shipping due to regulations regarding the shipment of CO2 cartridges

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Sizing Information

The fitment issue for Helite apparel products is a little different than most other motorcycle apparel. If you take a look at the Helite vest product, you’ll see that the key issue for fitment is matching your height to the recommended height range of the vest. With Helite’s apparel products where the air bag is built in, it is still important to get the right height air bag. So the first step in choosing a jacket size is to look at the size chart and see which size are recommended for your height, and secondly, see which size is OK for your max chest and belly. If you find a size that works for your height, chest and belly, you’re all set with a size choice! Those who are relatively short/stout or tall/skinny may not be able to find a size that gives the right height range and also have the chest belly be reasonable. If you have trouble finding a fit, I’d recommend buying a Helite vest and wearing it over your non-Helite riding gear.

We’ve listed the height ranges for each size below. Choose a size that works for your height and also one where your own chest and belly sizes are within a few inchest of the max sizes listed below. For example, I’m 6’ with a 45” chest and a 42” belly, so I’d choose a size XXL.

Those with average proportions will choose the size they typically wear in men’s clothing or one size larger. Generally speaking, I find the fit to be about 1/2 smaller than most other riding apparel for a snug fit or even one full size smaller for a more relaxed fit. If you are between sizes in the chart, then choose the larger.

Vest Size Height Max Chest Max Belly
Small 5’2” to 5’7” 38” 36”
Medium 5’7” to 5’9” 40” 38”
Large 5’8” to 6’ 42” 40”
XL 5’11” to 6’2” 44” 42”
XXL 5’11” to 6’4” 46” 44”
XXXL 5’11” to 6’5” 49” 47”
4XL 5’11” to 6’7” 51” 49”
5XL 6’ to 6’10” 53” 51”
6XL 6’ to 7’ 55” 53”

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Product Video

Our Two Cents

Helite is in the business of making air bag riding apparel for motorcyclists. Their “core” product is their vest which is designed to be worn over your existing riding apparel. They also make jackets and vests with the same air bag technology built in. The air bag technology, whether it be the vest or the other riding jackets and vests is basically the same.

So first things first… everybody wants to see how the vests and apparel look when they inflate, so take a quick look at the video it inflate! (Note: The features shown in the video are of a slightly different version, so disregard any minor differences in what you see in the video and what you see in the pictures).

Helite jackets and vests with the air bag technology built in offer the air bag technology in a more “neat and tidy” package. The jackets and vest don’t look much different than ordinary riding gear. Some riders might be more comfortable with this, especially those who are content with only having one jacket or vest to suit their riding needs. Here are the advantages of the Helite apparel products we see:

  • The jackets and leather vest look great and include all the technology in one package.
  • The operation and maintenance of the air bag technology is straightforward so anybody can understand how it all works. And being a mechanically triggered device, it has inherent reliability.
  • All Helite vests and jackets include a CE Level 2 back pad which is often times an upgrade for other brands of gear.
  • The vest can deploy more than once without having to return the vest to the factory for servicing (see details on Helite’s website).
  • Replacement cartridges are inexpensive.
  • Helite gear is well made with robust materials and should last a long time.
  • Warranty service is available directly from Helite in the US.
  • Last but most important… ITS AN AIRBAG FOR YOUR BODY!!!

Here are a few “cons” to consider with regard to the jackets and leather vest:

  • Helite gear with the integrated air bag technology weighs more than ordinary riding apparel… about 3.5 lbs more.
  • The Airbag technology isn’t cheap and when you buy one of their jackets or vest with the air bag integrated, it can’t be used with other riding gear (for other seasons for example), like the Turtle Vest can.
  • You have to remember to connect the lanyard each time you mount up! (Likewise with the Turtle Vests)

I’m a mechanical engineer by education and I’m also not a youngster anymore, so this Helite air bag technology looks like a great product to me. Anything that ups my chances of walking away from a crash is worth it (check out those medical deductibles these days!). And mentally, technology like this that could easily keep me riding longer. It certainly will also be some comfort to a rider’s friends and family. And surely an easy sell to those with whom you share a budget. Helite makes simple and reliable air bag technology available to the masses!

About the Adventure jacket: Here the complete adventure riding package complete with Helite airbag technology! This is a 3/4 length shell jacket that is favored by adventure and touring riders. Longer jackets like this have much more options for storage and give more coverage of the body which adventure riders like. Check out the photos of the storage options… there are plenty of pocket on the front, one big one on the back and more inside. The air bag mechanics are neatly stored away in one of the chest pockets, so the casual observer won’t be able to see this is an air bag jacket except for the lanyard connector on the front chest.

The shell of this jacket is a solid textile design and it also has some venting capability through zippered venting. I’d say the zip venting is “moderate” in capability when compared to other textile/adventure styles like this, so it will well for mild weather… maybe even warm weather, but I don’t think it will be comfortable in hot summer months. However this jacket should do great in colder weather. It will be windproof with all the zippers closed up and it even comes with a removable thermal vest to add a layer of insulation.

The Adventure jacket comes with a set of CE molded armor in the shoulders and elbows and then it includes the same CE level 2 back pad armor as all the other Helite vests and jackets, so there is nothing else to buy.

The Adventure represents the “full meal deal” with regard to function in a jacket that neatly houses the Helite air bag technology. :: Paul, 06-19-18

PS: If the cons for the vest listed above give you pause, consider one of Helite’s jackets or vests which integrate the air bag parts within the jacket or vest.

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