Large Try-On Orders

(the exception to Free Shipping)

Some customers like to order multiple sizes/colors of one product or several products that are similar in function with the idea of trying them on at home and keeping the best one and returning what doesn’t work. Why? Well many people have very specific likes and dislikes and will want to see several similar items, or they may also be hard to fit, and it takes trying on a few items to find just the right thing. Also, sometimes people have a track day or vacation planned and don’t have time to order/return in serial fashion and want to knock out the buying process all in one shot. Buying apparel online is not an exact science and we understand the appeal of buying this way.

If this is something you would like to do, we are happy to have your business. And we are prepared to absorb a portion of the expenses involved (such as transaction fees, shipping supplies, labor, etc), however we ask that you cover the cost of outbound shipping. We have found that most people who want us to ship large orders like this understand the expense issue and are happy to accept some of the costs in exchange for the convenience.

The process is simple… customers can place large try-on orders through the website or by calling us to place a phone order (as normal). After your order is placed, you can contact us to let us know you have placed a larger try-on order and are OK with absorbing the shipping cost. Or alternately, when we see such an order, we will contact you to gain your agreement to our terms before shipping. You contacting us is preferred to prevent any possible delay in shipping.

When you have received your order and tried everything on, just contact us and we will arrange the return authorization. We can also give you a price quote if you would like the convenience of using a pre-paid UPS label which we can send you via email (we don’t offer the flat $8.99 price for large try-on orders). Alternately you can ship the return by whatever means you choose. When we receive your return, we will issue a refund minus the original outbound shipping and the cost of return shipping (if you opted to use our pre-paid UPS label). How will you know what the outbound shipping cost is? When you place the order, our website calculates and displays the cost of shipping which you can see in step 2 of checkout.

FAQ About Large Try-On Orders:

What do you consider a “large try-on” order? Lots of orders are “large” and we are happy to have them and offer free shipping. A typical larger order might include a jacket, a couple sizes in a pant, a pair of boots and one or two different glove styles. A large, multi-item order like this would not be pegged as a “large try-on” order and would certainly qualify for free outbound shipping and/or the $8.99 return label. A good example of what we would consider to be a “large try-on” order would be if you bought three sizes in one mesh jacket style and also two sizes in another, very similar style mesh jacket with the intention of finding one jacket to keep and returning all the rest. Of course we can’t know your exact intentions and so making a firm policy about what is or isn’t a large try-on order is darn near impossible, so we can only know by considering each large order individually, or of course if you tell us your intention and accept our terms (which is the preferred way).

If I agree to pay shipping and return EVERYTHING, is it a problem for you? No, it isn’t a problem for us. We want to tailor our terms of sale to accommodate a wide range of needs and we are happy to help. And we do certainly appreciate customers who are careful with the products and return them with the correct tags and packaging. The rare exception would be if it happens repeatedly without any (or very little) net sales for us.

How will you know about my large try-on order if I don’t bring it to your attention? We screen all larger orders and we contact you when we see an order that fits this profile. We’d appreciate you letting us know when you place a large try-on order, and by doing so, it will ensure there are no delays in shipping.

If my order ships and you didn’t contact me about this, am I good? Yes, you are good. If you didn’t think your order should be considered a large try-on order and didn’t contact us, and we didn’t contact you before shipment, then we processed the order under our normal terms of sale.

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