joshua s. from Pennsylvania

January 31, 2012
I've been riding with these Fieldsheer pants for quite some time now, in all sorts of conditions. I've done 80 degree summer days to 28 degree winter mornings. Typically I use them over jeans. For short winter rides, jeans, boots, long socks and these pants keep my legs warm enough. In summer my legs don't get too hot. I'd say the sweet range is 40-70 degrees F for these. They block plenty of wind for cold weather, but in warm weather they don't insulate much and reflect heat well. They keep light rain off my legs, though I have not used them in full rain. They feel a little short, and two pocket buttons have come off. The pocket buttons are cosmetic though, they have a velcro closures. The pants include extra buttons, but I do not have the tool to apply them. Overall good over pants for the price, and very versitile.
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