joshua s. from Pennsylvania

January 31, 2012
I've now used my AGVSport Telluride Gloves twice, first ride was a sunny day in the lower 40's and the gloves did great, my hands stayed perfect! The second ride was to work this morning, sun barely up and 28F when I left the house. This ride was telling, the back roads, 45 MPH and lower, my hands were still warm. The Turnpike, 65+ MPH, my fingers started getting cold. The highway portion of my ride was around 20 minutes, any longer and my hands would have become uncomfortable. The construction of these gloves seems great so far. Inside is soft and supple, the outside appears to have good protection. I still have decent feel for the controls considering the type of glove it is. Fit's true to size. In short this glove does what I expeted it to do, keep my hands warm for mild winter days in PA, from 30's to 50's. Great addition to the gear collection.

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