Techniche Hyperkewl Deluxe Sport Vest ::

Techniche Hyperkewl Deluxe Sport Vest

  • High collar with hook-and-loop neck closure for additional cooling relief and sun protection
  • Provides 5-10 hours of cooling relief per soaking
  • Designed especially for bikers
  • Zipper closure
  • Handy front pockets
  • Lightweight, durable and washable
  • Comfortable, quilted nylon outer with polymer embedded fabric inner
  • Water-repellent nylon liner
  • Black cotton-poly elastic trim

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Sizing Information

Choose the size you normally wear in men’s clothing such as a tee shirt. This vest is an easy fit for most people. Below is the manufacturer’s size chart which looks about right to us:

Vest Size Chest Range
Small 34-36
Medium 37-39
Large 40-42
XL 43-45
XXL 46-48
XXXL 49-51

Product Video

Our Two Cents

Here’s a great item for the heat of summer for any motorcyclist. These vests in one form or another have been around for a number of years. I’ve used one and they work great, particularly in really hot, low humidity weather like you’d find in the Southwest states like Arizona, California, Nevada, etc. Older designs used a fabric with a stitch pattern that trapped little absorbent BB sized nodules, but this newer design is made of layers without the little nodules so it folds up easy and is more comfortable (leaning back on a backrest against little BBs is not comfortable!). This style has a bit of a mandarin collar too, so you’ll get some cooling action on the neck as well. For motorcycling, a vest like this works best worn under a free flowing mesh (or partial-mesh) jacket so you get a lot of air flow over the outer surface. You could also wear a vest like this for other sporting activities. Have a look at the video to see how it works and get some ideas of where you might be able to use it. A great, inexpensive product that will enhance your summer comfort for nearly no money. :: Paul, 05-28-13