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Icon Raiden Treadwell Boots (SOLD OUT)

  • Leather Chassis
  • Tested and Certified According to Standard – EN 13634:2010 Including Optional Waterproof Requirement
  • Insulated/Waterproof Internal Liner
  • D3O® Shin Insert
  • Reinforced Outsole, Toe and Heel
  • Aluminum Positive Lock Buckles
  • Rear Entry Zipper
  • Footpeg Interface Arch
  • Adjustable Stabilizer Strap
  • High Friction Sole

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Sizing Information

We tried these boots on and found them to run a little small, similar to Nike (which generally run about 1/2 size smaller than standard street shoes).

The boots are also kind of snug over the instep as compared to other boots we carry, so if you have generally slender to normal foot, you’ll probably like how they feel and they’ll grip your instep area very well. If you have a high instep or a wide foot, I don’t think you’ll like these boots.

Our Two Cents

Those who mix street and off-road riding will probably really like these boots. We sell a lot of so-called “adventure touring” boots that have a similar function… being rugged and waterproof with plenty of “beef” to give good impact protection. All those boots (like from Sidi, Alpinestars, TCX, etc) have a certain “look” to them. But if you want something a bit different then you may have just found your next boot!

These boots are rear entry which is unusual, but it works really well. When you lower the zipper there is a built in little “shoe horn” flap which you can grasp and push against and it helps guide your foot into the boot. And then on the side of the boot is a Velcro-close tab which gives you some adjustability of the tightness around the upper ankle area. The big buckle over the instep is adjustable too, and with the rear-entry zip setup, you’ll only have to set it once and then forget it.

The leather used is a VERY thick oil tanned leather like what you see in good heavy work boots. And then there are reinforcements in the toe, heel and shin area to give structure to the boot and also protection for your foot from impact. On each side of the ankle are circular pads of the D3O armor material. You can’t see them, but you can feel them through the liner on the inside. The sole of the boot is VERY stiff so it will hold up to riding where you bear weight on the pegs (off-road use).

There is a lot of heavy duty boot here for the money and like I mentioned, a completely different style for dual sport use. Please heed the sizing advice above. :: Paul, 03-03-16