SAS-TEC Back Protector Insert

  • Manufacturer model number SC-1/15
  • Viscoelastic memory foam: After an impact or deformation of the foam, the protector will quickly revert to its original shape
  • Multiple impact compliance: Even if the same area of the protector receives repeated impacts, the protector maintains fully functional capability
  • Adaptive absorption: The air within the cells of the protector allow progressive absorption of energy as the material becomes more firm as it compresses
  • Climate stability: SAS-TEC Viscoelastic foam does not break down under high temperatures and can withstand up to 212 degrees Farenheit
  • Environmentally conscientious: Partially made of recyclable materials
  • CE certified level 2 EN1621-2:2014

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Sizing Information

Please take the link above to see some shots that show the basic dimensions and shape of this back protector.

This shape will fit current Scorpion jackets and is advertised as an accessory upgrade for Scorpion apparel.

Our Two Cents

The material used in this back protector is unique to me. It feels like a cross between foam and rubber and has the consistency of very firm silly putty. You can bend it and put dents in it, but only slowly, and then it will return to its normal shape. And the material, like silly putty, has no real structural strength. If you hold it parallel to the floor from each end, slowly but surely it will bend into a U shape, and then if you lay it flat on the table, it returns to its original shape. If you don’t like it as a back protector, it is kind of fun to play with :) :: Paul, 03-26-14


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