BMW 3 Phasen Pants

Item Number: 205
Size: Womens US6R/UE36
Color: Black Grey
Condition: Used - Like New
Added: almost 5 years ago

Seller's Description:

For Sale:Womens BMW 3-Phase Pants, black/Grey size US6R/UE36

Features: Cordura 700 CE knee armor Zip-in quilted liner Rain overpant Woven reflective patches Hand pockets Worn twice. These pants come in three parts the first is a Extremely tear resistant Cordura 700 in BMW C.A.R.E. quality reinforced in all impact locations. They have CE rated pads in the knees that drop down to cover a portion of shin. There is areas of reflective material on the sides of the pants. This is not just pinstriping but larger squares that when hit by light at night glow bright. During the day they do not look reflective.There are also two front zippered pockets large enough to hold wallet and keys and a power bar or two in EACH pocket. Having the pockets in the front means your not sitting on this stuff while on the bike and gives easier access while off the bike.

The next phase of the pants is a wind and rain resistant outer layer. Yes you have to stop and put them on and take them off. But now you don’t have wet pants and there is no puddle underneath you as you stand in line at McDonalds. The rain pants have a heat resistant nomex patch that keeps the exhaust from burning holes in your nice rain pants. They are seam sealed, and the side zipper goes all the way to your waist. You can put these on in about 10 seconds with boots on. Two zippers on the side (one at the top and one at the bottom) mean you have easy access to internal pockets. The zippers are covered by a double fold that prevents any rain, snow, sleet, or hellfire and brimstone from getting in.

The next and final phase is the quilted liner that zips in. Not much to say about this except it keeps you warm. Quite simply this is one pair of riding pants that you can use year round.

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Thanks to the customer for the great description. We have not ever sold BMW gear, so I’m not familiar with it. The overall condition of the pants is very nice. I measure the waist band at about 26” relaxed and about 28” with the waist stretched a bit. Inseam is about 31”.

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