Cortech Apex Sport Leather Pants

Item Number: 543
Size: 38 waist
Color: Black
Condition: Used - Good
Added: over 4 years ago

Seller's Description:

Comfortable pair of leather pants. Have long zipper to pair with Cortech jackets. Two front pockets. Padding at hips as well as knee protectors. Velcro at knees for sliders (but no sliders included).

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$100.00's Comments

I’m almost sure these are the Apex model pants which you can view here. The leather finish is a standard black “shiny” finish, and the color of the pants shown on this page are a “matte”, but the basic construction is the same. I think the standard black finish was one generation prior to the exact ones you see by taking the link. Anyway, they are in really good shape. They’ve been worn some, but not a lot. They have the armor in the knees and also the hips. The connection zipper might prove to be a challenge. The style zipper installed in the pants mates with “older” Cortech jackets (not current jackets). Unless your older Cortech jacket zips up, you’ll be faced with having a leather repair person swap out zippers to match a jacket you have (or modify both garments with one new zipper). the waist is stretch and wouldn’t stay up well without the zipper connection. the only other suggestion would be suspenders. I verified the waist as measuring 38”.

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