Cortech Latigo Air RR Boot

Item Number: 2288
Size: US 10, 44 Euro
Color: Black & White
Condition: Used - Good
Added: almost 4 years ago

Seller's Description:

In like new condition. I’ve worn them once, and all the surfaces are unmarred.

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$100.00's Comments

Here is a link to our current product page for this style for your reference. I’m not sure I’d call the boots “like new” because they’ve definitely been used at least once, but they are pretty darn close. Even most of the white leather areas are bright white, so they haven’t been used much for sure. Some of the black parts have rubbed on various motorcycle parts some but that happens quickly when you use them. This pair was prt of a special “slight blem” group (denoted by the “B” in red on the tag). Any slight blem is really a non-issue now that the boots have been used at least once. Overall, very nice and would be a good beginner race boot on a budget.

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