Ted from California

June 22, 2010
I've gone through a few perforated leather jackets from four other different brands; never really completely happy with them for one reason or another, be it for fit or less-than-effective air ventilation. After riding with the Alpinestars NYC jacket in both cooler and warmer weather for a few weeks now, I can say with complete confidence that I have found the best perforated leather jacket money can buy. First off, if you're on the smaller side like me (5'7", 145lbs), than you may find as I have over the years that finding a riding jacket that actually fits like it should across the shoulders with sleeves that aren't too long isn't easy. Most other size SMALL jackets I've used in the past fit too loose, making the armor less effective, and the sleeves are often too long to wear with gauntlet gloves like I prefer to use. I bought a size 36 (US) and it fits just like my size 36 suit jackets/sport coats, but not any tighter even with the armor and the Alpinstars RC Back Proctector installed. One more thing about the sleeves: the flat cuffs on this jacket only use zipper closures and no extra button or clasp which typically makes the wrist area too bulky for gauntlet gloves. It's a little thing you don't really notice until you see it done right, as with this jacket. The added zippered pockets on the exterior of the chest area are useful additions to the typical single zippered inside pocket and two near the waist. The windproof liner, while not exactly the best insulator in cooler temps does a good enough job on the highway, and the attached neck warmer that stows away but remains attached is very smart and just another added extra that makes this jacket the one to beat. Now, as for the ventilation on the Alpinestars NYC, I can only say that of all the jackets of this type I've tried, it's as good as most, if not better than most. One thing I really have to give the designer credit for with this jacket is the fact that the mix of perforated panels and solid is the most sensible I've ever seen on a perforated leather jacket. On the sleeves, for example, the solid leather panels are on the outer shoulder and arm areas; the best, one would assume, to protect your arms in a slide. The perforated leather panels, however, are on the inner side of your arms, nearest your torso, from the armpit to the wrist. What you get is a nice constant flow of air to dry your arm pits and catch air into and around your shoulders and outer arm. I've used other jackets with the exact opposite placement of perforated and solid leather panels and can attest to how less-effective that design actually is. Many other perforated jackets have limited perforation on the back which I think hinders ventilation. The Alpinestars NYC is fully perforated on the back; much more effective, believe me. Style-wise, it's does have a "cruiser" kind of feel, buckled waist straps and all, but is cut to fit close and secure like a well-fitting track suit. That said, the leather, while not fashion leather thin, is very soft and feels like quality material. Overall, it's the best fitting jacket I own. My only regret is that it took going through four other jackets to find the perfect one. Thanks, New Enough! - Ted
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