Ted from California

June 22, 2010
Great bag; not too big to get in the way, but big enough to carry a pair of pants, shirt, snacks and other small items I carry with my to and from the office. The magnets make it easy to attach to and detach from the bike. The small windowed pockets at the top are perfect for personal items (picture of my kid) and my work I.D., making it easy for the guards at the security gate to scan without me having to pull it out. Plus, it looks as good as a tank bag can look on a bike. Again, it isn't huge and bulky, but is still big enough for my commuting needs. It easily holds bottles of water, a camera and whatever else you'd need for a long ride. Construction seems sturdy and the magnets are very strong. Sometimes I forget to use the ones on the sides and it stays on and in place as if they were being used. This is the third tank bag I've owned and it's the most useful of the three. I'm very happy with it. Thanks, New Enough! -Ted
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