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REV'IT! Control One Piece Suit

Zip into the Control one piece and get ready to take on your next track session with confidence. A byproduct of our learnings through our MotoGP riders and their suits, we bring you an airbag-prepared suit that excels in design and safety.

What meets the eyes If you know our Sport lineup of products, you’ll know the emphasis on graphics is paramount. However, we’ve taken a step in a different direction here. We wanted to create a track-ready one-piece that use ergonomic flowing graphics that play with scale. What does that mean? From a distance, the product shows a gradient type of effect, emphasising the depth and layers, yet up close, the graphics show flowing diamond shapes merging into fast lines to show speed. This is best illustrated with the print on backside of sleeve that follows the flow of the body. We’ve also been exploring brining a synthetic leather with a smoother texture into the mix to further emphasize the applications like the laser-cut perforation holes and the prints to appear even sharper than before.

Ready to race When throwing down your fastest lap times, you want to feel confident that your safety is accounted for should something happen. We take care of that. The Control one-piece is prepared for Tech-Air™ airbag system. Everything you see in terms of the construction and the placement of the stretch is to make sure the expansion of the airbag is correct, it’s not just to make you look good. Furthermore, low raised elbow sliders and cuffs, along with pockets for optional back and divided chest protectors (should you not opt for the airbag option) are already incorporated. These, and a host of other safety features (BETAC® elbow, knee, and shoulder protectors), safety seams, and much more all equate to a CE Class AAA certification.

  • No adjustability
  • Inner pocket
  • Mesh
  • Polyamide stretch
  • Removable lining
  • Calf zipper for easy entrance
  • Comfort collar
  • Comfort cuffs
  • Cuff zipper
  • Easy entrance zipper
  • Soft edge at collar
  • Speed hump
  • Stretchable cuff
  • Stretch at ankle
  • Stretch at armholes
  • Stretch at calf
  • Stretch at crotch
  • Stretch at inside arms
  • Stretch at inside knee
  • Stretch at inside of legs
  • Stretch at shoulders
  • Stretch at waist
  • Stretch lips at back
  • Stretch lips at elbows
  • Stretch lips at shoulders
  • Wind catcher behind front zipper
  • Perforation at upper arms
  • Ventilation panel on center front
  • Ventilation panels on back side
  • Ventilation panels on lower arms
  • Ventilation panels on lower legs
  • Ventilation panels on upper legs
  • BETAC® elbow protectors “E” Type B-L2
  • BETAC® knee protectors “K+L” Type B-L2
  • BETAC® shoulder protectors “S” Type B-L1
  • Coccyx Protection
  • Dual comp knee slider type A
  • Dual comp shoulder protectors
  • Prepared for Avertum Tech-Air® airbag system – TRUE TO SIZE
  • Prepared for SEESOFT CE-level 1 Divided Insert Chest Protector
  • Prepared for SEESOFT CE-level 2 Insert Back Protector
  • Safety seams
  • SEESMART CE-level 1 Hip Protectors
  • TPU elbow sliders
  • TPU protection at knees
  • Outer shell material:
  • 3D air mesh
  • Artificial Leather
  • Artificial nubuck
  • Monaco performance cowhide
  • Neoprene
  • Perforated Monaco performance cowhide
  • PWR|Shell stretch
  • Laminated reflection on back
  • This garment is certified according to the EN 17092 Standard, published in 2020 and has achieved AAA rating.

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Sizing Information

To help you choose a size based upon your chest, belly, and inseam measurements, we’ve included the size chart below. It is based upon REVIT’s standard size chart and we think it is just about right. If you have a larger belly, you’ll want to make sure you are buying a suit that is large enough to accommodate you. If you find yourself between chest sizes in the chart, I’d advise you to choose the larger.

Suit Size Max Chest Our Estimate
of Max Belly/Waist
46 36-37.5 35 32
48 37.5-39 37 32
50 39-40 38 32.5
52 40.5-41.5 39 33
54 42-43.5 41 33.5
56 43.5-45 43 34

Need help measuring? Get it here.