Schampa Tube ::

Schampa Tube

  • Unique piece of headwear is Schampa’s most versatile garment yet
  • Made of Schampa’s Stretch Fabric
  • Wicks and Breathes to help you stay comfortable in any season
  • The Tube can be worn in more than 10 different ways:
    1. Neck Gaiter
    2. Tall Gaiter
    3. Facemask
    4. Balaclava
    5. Long Doo-Z
    6. Doo-Z
    7. Headband
    8. Mini Doo-Z
    9. Scrunchy
    10. Wristband

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Happy Customers Who Bought This Product

From: carlo r.
Location: Florida

Love this helmet... a real steal for the price. 1. (Read more...)