TCX Hero WP Boots ::

TCX Hero WP Boots (EU 47, US 12.5 Only)

  • T-Dry waterproof membrane
  • Leather gear shifter guard
  • Closure with laces and side zip
  • Rubber outsole with deep lugs and grooves to offer a superior grip on any terrain
  • Ortholite footbed with long term cushioning and high level of breathability
  • Ideal stitching sole construction technique
  • Grain leather upper with a vintage look
  • Reinforced malleolus, toe and heel counter

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Sizing Information

We find that TCX boots are generally an easy fit and they are consistent from one model to the next. And we have very good luck using their size chart below to convert from US sizes to their Euro size. Since this is a lace boot it can be customized for fit easily (as compared to side zip only boots). This style has both, so customized fit with easy on/off!

We estimate the width to be about “D” or medium. These are slightly wider than Sidi boots and fit much like Alpinestars.

TCX Boots Sizing Chart

- 4 35
- 4 ½ 36
- 5 ½ 37
- 6 ½ 38
6 7 39
7 8 40
8 9 41
8 ½ 9 ½ 42
9 - 43
10 - 44
11 - 45
12 - 46
12 ½ - 47
13 - 48

Our Two Cents

This new Hero is another in a series of what I call “urban” style boots. Last year, TCX introduced the X-Blend boot which is very much the same but this boot uses leather with a slick leather finish that can be polished and looks less casual than the X-Blend’s more casual “matte” finish leather. The leather on this boot is dressier but still very sturdy feeling and would provide similar protection. I can envision a person wearing these to work under jeans or chinos where “business casual” works.

The toe area and heel are reinforced internally which is important in a motorcycle boot and there are also internal protectors on either side of the ankle bone (which you can see in the photos). The sole is a heavy duty lug type sole with the visible heavy contrast stitching on top. I feel taller in these boots!

The fit of these boots is much like other TCX boots. I really like the way these hug your heel and ankle without slippage. The insides are lightly padded and so the boot feels great when on. That padding might get toasty in a hot climate so I’m going to recommend these for cold to warm weather; for hot weather, a boot with some mesh or venting would be more comfortable. The liner (and internal waterproof liner), and thick leather make this boot the closest thing we’ve got to an insulated boot (although it doesn’t specifically have insulation).

This boot is equipped with a waterproof barrier between the leather and the inner liner, and there is a gusset behind the laces to keep water out up to about 2” from the top (see our close up photos for that). I don’t think repeated soakings on a leather boot is a good idea in general, but if you do find yourself in the rain occasionally, these should do the job of keeping the water out.

One other feature I forgot to mention, but one that I love is the side zipper. And since this boot is a lace up, you get the advantages of both styles of closure… the laces allow for infinite adjustment of the boot to get a really nice fit, but the side zip gives you easy-on, easy-off convenience! I wear jeans to work and I’ve already picked a pair of these boots for myself. I think they’ll be particularly comfy in our mild west Texas winters here in Lubbock. :: Paul, 12-18-16