REV'IT! Delta H2O Shoes ::

REV'IT! Delta H2O Shoes


Outer shell
  • Reinforced denim | Oiled Suede
  • Injected ankle cup
  • Thermoformed heel cup
  • Thermoformed toecap
  • Reflection at heel
Waterproofing & Breathability
  • Hydratex®|Z-liner
  • 60% Cotton, 40% Leather


  • Regular fit
  • Extra pair of laces in different color
  • Gusseted Tongue Construction
  • OrthoLite® Insole X40™ foam
  • Padded tongue
  • Reinforced side panel

Please Note: We can ship REV’IT! products to US, US territory or APO/FPO addresses only (per manufacturer’s restrictions).

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Sizing Information

Below is the size chart published by REVIT for these shoes. REVIT has changed their US conversion chart a few times in the last several years, so this one may differ from previous charts you’ve seen. We compared this chart to other EU-US charts from popular brands such as Sidi and it tracks pretty well.

Most people with experience buying shoes and boots sold in EU sizes will choose the same EU size as before. You can also choose an EU size based upon your experience buying US sized shoes and boots using the conversion chart. In trying on the shoes in our offices, we thought the larger size shoes ran a little longer than the chart suggests, so if you are between sizes choose the smaller. Example: If you are normally an 11 US, you are between a 45 and 46 and we’d suggest trying the 45. In the smaller size ranges, we think the chart is more accurate.

As to width, we find these boots are quite normal, I’d say D width, or “medium”.

EU Size US Conversion
from REV’IT!
39 6
40 7
41 7.5
42 8.5
43 9.5
44 10
45 10.5
46 11.5
47 12

Our Two Cents

If you want a shoe that will keep out water from minor rains, then consider this Delta H2O shoe. It’s a sharp casual style with significant riding protection built in.

I often scratch my head a bit when reviewing high top shoes like this that have a rain proof lining. They’ll keep out water, but only to the extent rain or water doesn’t encroach on your foot above the ankle. So let’s say these can only be effective to wear in very “light rain”? Anyway, it’s a good feature to have occasionally and the shoes are priced like their non-waterproof siblings, the new Arrow and Jefferson models which are very similar otherwise, so even if they aren’t great waterproof boots, it’s not like you are paying a premium.

I’m liking all REVIT’s new styles for 2020. Be sure to have a look at the close-up pictures for this shoe. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. The material is kind of a high tech looking fabric which has some sliver color woven into it. And the heel and toe areas are covered in dark suede. The blue color choice is interesting. I can’t recall any other “blue suede shoes” in our current catalog so props to REVIT for that.

Other than the waterproof lining addition, these boots compare in a lot of ways with the other REVIT shoes: The sole is nice and wide and will give good support and help protect the sides of your feet in an impact. The heel and toe are moderately stiffened but the area around the ankle bones is more padding than most riding shoes like this. There are solid disc protectors positioned over each ankle bone too. The insides are well padded and comfortable.

Consider that a waterproof shoe won’t have direct venting like non-waterproof shoes, so I think these will do better in colder to mild temps than the others. Overall, another very nice shoe choice from REVIT for 2020. :: Paul, 02-05-20

REVIT says: The Delta H2O is a CE-certified motorcycle product offering protection against the road in case of any misfortune, as well as a shield against the elements. The incorporated waterproof and breathable hydratex® membrane keeps wetness out and feet dry. Thermoformed heel and toe cups combined with injected ankle cups form the protective backbone of these shoes. Furthermore, the OrthoLite® insole provides the comfort riders are looking for, on or off the bike. Rain or shine.