Forma Jasper Outdry Boots ::

Forma Jasper Outdry Boots

  • Premium comfort touring boots
  • New lightweight OUTDRY® waterproof technology
  • CE Certified quality
  • Full-grain leather upper
  • Reinforced and injected-molded PU ankle protection
  • Forma double-density anti-slip/rubber sole
  • Plastic gear change protection
  • Single zip closure
  • Rear reflex insert
  • Front and rear padded collar for added comfort
  • TPU molded plastic shin guard
  • Extra soft polymer padding with memory foam
  • Dual Flex anti-shock mid-sole
  • Anti-bacterial replaceable insole
  • High quality – 100% European production

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Sizing Information

We tried on a selection of Forma boots here in the office and found the length to be about right. The width on the boots is a touch more wide than most other brands we carry. Alpinestars and TCX tend to be the most wide, but these might even be a touch wider. I’d say they are a D to E and might even work for somebody with a slightly wider foot (but don’t get carried away and think they are wide enough for a person needing a EEE or wider). So my advice would be to use the chart below to choose a size based upon your US shoe size.

Forma offers advice on choosing a size from your foot measurement. Here’s how:

1) Measure the overall length of your foot. Forma recommends placing your heel against a wall and measuring from the wall to the end of your longest toe.

2) Add 3/4” to the length of your foot

3) Using Forma’s sizing chart below, choose the smallest size boot with an insole measurement that is at least the length of your foot plus 3/4”.

Use Forma’s size selection method as a “second opinion”. Maybe you’ll find it reassuring if it matches your size choice based on street shoe size or, maybe it could be a tie breaker if you are undecided between two sizes. FWIW, Forma’s advice didn’t work for me since I have relatively short toes. I wear a 45 (known from trying on) and this method put me in a 42.

Size US Conversion
from Forma
Internal Insole Measurement
41 7 10.63” (270mm)
42 8 11.02” (280mm)
43 9 11.22” (285mm)
44 10 11.42” (290mm)
45 11 11.81” (300mm)
46 12 12” (305mm)
47 13 12.2” (310mm)

Our Two Cents

These Jasper Outdry boots are the fourth model of Forma boots we’ve added to our store since we began with Forma in mid-2016. I’ve not been disappointed with any of the boots I’ve reviewed… I’m becoming a Forma fan!

I’ve reviewed at least three boots recently that use the Outdry technology. Over the years, we’ve offered hundreds of waterproof boots, and they fall into one of two camps…. the Gore-Tex liner and the “generic” waterproof liner. Gore-Tex has always been the leader in functionality, but adds a significant chunk of change to the cost of the boot… about $75. But now we’ve got a third player… OutDry technology. OutDry is the brand of waterproofing and it is a subsidiary of Columbia Sportswear. When I search on the web for OutDry, I see LOTS of products available in all sorts of sporting goods categories, so obviously the product has some chops. What’s different here is that the OutDry liner is bonded directly to the boot’s upper material rather than being installed as a “bootie” between the boot’s exterior shell and the interior lining. By bonding it, water does not pass through the outer shell and lessens the chances of leaks and waterlogging of the boot assembly. Here’s a detailed explanation. I think the OutDry might just be a very good contender for Gore-Tex and doesn’t seem to carry as much of a price premium. The price on these boots is quite reasonable I think.

The fit of these Jasper boots is very comparable to other Forma boots. The forefoot is nice and roomy and they seem to be an easy fit for most. The height of the boot is on par with most other street/sport boots like this (see our detailed photos for exact heights). The sole of these boots is “medium aggressive”. It’s not like a dual sport boot with significant treads, but it’s not slick like a race boot either. It will suit most street and touring riders. I feel stiffness in the shin, toe box and around the heel. And there are protectors built in on either side of the ankles. The interior of the boots is VERY nice with a slicker lining material backed by a molded thin foam, which is all very comfy, especially in the upper neck part of the boots.

Overall, I really like this Forma Jasper boot, and would recommend it highly for quality and ease of fit. :: Paul, 06-14-17