Noru Tori Boot ::

Noru Tori Boots ~ Sale

  • Lightweight casual street boot
  • Polyester / synthetic upper
  • Molded synthetic sole with integrated steel shank reinforcement for stability
  • Comfort feel padded inner lining
  • Removable comfort insole – provides ½ size adjustment
  • Quick entry / release zip feature
  • Lace-up closure for an adjustable fit
  • Synthetic grip gear change panel
  • Reflective heel detail
  • Impact resistant ankle disc

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Sizing Information

We tried on this Noru style along with other and we find the shoes and boots to fit true to size for length. If anything, maybe slightly longer than indicated. The width is Medium or C to D, and may be a bit more narrow than average.

Our Two Cents

The NORU Tori boot is a high top sneaker-style shoe with good looks. The shoe features a side entry zipper and outside ankle armor.

I like this shoe for its good looking materials and nice style. I also very much like shoes like this that have a side-entry zip in addition to the laces so I don’t have to untie/tie my shoes every time I put them on and take them off. I’d buy a shoe with this setup any day as compared to a shoe or boot without. The shoes are comfortable and have a nicely padded interior and collar. I see a good size strip of reflective material around the heel for night visibility from the back or side.

I’d recommend this shoe for mild and dry weather. It doesn’t have a waterproof liner to repel rain. The upper is made of non-vented materials so you won’t get a lot of airflow for very hot temps. As long as you wear this shoe in cooler to warm weather, you’ll be OK, but consider another model if you ride in the rain often or ride in very hot summer temps.

As for motorcycle specific features, this shoe is a bit light. There is an internal ankle armor protector piece built in on the outside of the ankle bone (but not on the zipper side). Also, the top of the toe area is covered in a plastic sort of material to guard against scuffs from your shifter. But neither the heel cup or toe box is extra reinforced and the sole is not stiffened for bearing weight on the pegs. These items are all things we’d like to see in a shoe/boot for use on a motorcycle but keep in mind, the Tori boot is VERY inexpensive. And while it has a short list of safety related items, it is a good looking shoe made with good quality materials. I wouldn’t hesitate to wear it on the street, but I’d keep to very light-duty riding while wearing this one. :: Paul, 03-31-21

About NORU: The NORU line of riding gear is new for us for 2021. It comes to us through one of our very long-time distributors of riding gear and apparel, Helmet House of California. Helmet House is the owner of the Cortech and Tour Master brands and is a distributor of other well known brands such as Shoei helmets and Alpinestars apparel. NORU is designed with value in mind… in fact, exceptional value and will serve those well who want decent riding gear on a minimal budget. NORU says: Inspired by Japan’s culture of careful refinement, NORU is the Japanese word that means “To Ride”. Founded by lifelong motorcycle enthusiasts, NORU is the performance champion of motorcycle apparel that you can afford.