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Alpinestars Speedforce Shoes


  • Matryx® is a strong material that is extremely abrasion and tear resistant, lightweight and is fully customizable in both weight and thickness, allowing it to be modified to best suit the different positions on the shoe.
  • High cut design with engineered ankle protection incorporating multi-layer ergonomic ankle support including impact protection dual density medial and lateral TPU disks.
  • TPF (Transversal Protection Frame) technology using forefoot front transversal metal bar, TPU shanks and a PU Midsole for unrivalled transversal protection while offering a running shoe walking comfort and roll.
  • PU Midsole guarantees stability and durable cushioning for superior performance.
  • 8mm drop for optimum walking comfort.

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Sizing Information

We tried on a selection of sizes in the Speedforce Shoes and found them to fit true to size, so our advice is to choose the size you normally wear in street shoes. The width is “medium” or C/D.

Our Two Cents

The Alpinestars Speedforce Shoes are a new option for 2021. They are a lightweight, high top riding shoe made with modern materials.

This is a neat looking shoe, but there are a few things I want to call out. First off is the “neck” of the shoe around the ankle has a stretch collar that is already overstretched before even trying it on, so it will be loose and kind of floppy in the wind against your leg. Next, the shoestring eyelets are not metal but instead are just rows of stitching which opens you up to potential snags and it doesn’t look like it would hold up too well over time. Finally, the sole of these shoes are VERY aggressive… like cheese grater aggressive. Why? It has a neat look, but functionally you will stick to everything.

Now that I’ve kind of bashed this style let me give you a few high points. The toe box is made with the new Matryx® material that is great for abrasion resistance and also has some reflectivity to it so these shoes will stand out at night. The shoe is also very light weight as well.

Overall this feels like a nice, sturdy shoe. Like most hightop riding shoes, this shoe has some reinforcement in the heel, toe box, and a stiffened shank. I can feel protectors built into either side of the ankle bones, too.

These shoes are a great option for cool to warm weather and dry conditions. There isn’t much venting or waterproofing here. These shoes are also a little above what we would expect an Alpinestars shoe with similar features to come in at as far as price, so you might want to check out a different style. :: Mike, 10/6/21

Alpinestars Says: A riding shoe which has the looks and feel of a running shoe, the Speed Force delivers protection and performance in a casual-styled shoe; while the innovative midsole offers ‘running shoe’ comfort; perfect on and off the bike.