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Sidi Mag-1 Boots

Replaceable Shin Plate:
  • Replaceable shin plate in polyurethane
Tecno-3 Magnetic:
  • An all new Micrometric Tecno-3 magnetic closure mechanism is easy and quick to use as well as being highly adjustable and light in weight. The TECNO-3 MAGNETIC closures close the boot with an extremely resistant steel wire, that is hooked to the clip with the aid of a magnet. Mechanisms and retaining clips are replaceable.
Micrometric Memory Strap:
  • Allows you to adjust the circumference of the calf to the millimeter,with indented memory-regulation straps.
TPU Bands:
  • Arch and Achilles areas are covered with Sidi’s exclusive elastic textile and injection molded polyurethane comfort panels. The arch area utilizes two TPU bands next to the TECNO-3 Magnetic closures, for a maximum support and wrap of the arches.
Support Braces System:
  • The rear upper is made in polyurethane, and is assembled to the boot with two screws: one on the outside under the TECNO-3 Magnetic mechanism, the other on the inside which holds the micrometric adjuster strap. The screws support and block the internal support system which is made with carbon fiber beams, making up the frame of the boot.This system allows excellent flex movement front-to-back while being firm side-to-side.The Tecno-3 Magnetic mechanism and the micrometric memory strap adjust the leg circumference to fit around the calf muscle.
Asymmetric Heel Cup:
  • Asymmetric and shaped shock absorbing heel cup, smooth and flat inside, for more adherence with the bike, with shock absorbing system in the back and outside. The shell and the shock absorbing system are replaceable through a screw and an interlocking system.

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Sizing Information

Visit our Sidi Sizing Information page for complete size conversion info (ladies can use the chart at the bottom of the page). We feel the chart works well to choose a size based upon a US shoe size. Sidi boots are very consistent from one model to the next so if you know your size in other Sidi models, you’ll find this boot fits similarly. Also, the boot is highly adjustable in all respects, so if you get the length right then the rest will be OK with those adjustments.

Our Two Cents

The new MAG-1 boot by Sidi is new for 2014 and compares with the similarly priced Vortice boot. I won’t kid you and pretend I’m a racer, but I’ve seen a LOT of boots, so I’ll give you my anecdotal reaction to this new model. The key things are: lighter, simpler (at least visually), less bulky shape and easier to use (put on, take off and adjust). To me, this boot is easier to work with than the Vortice and even the lesser-priced ST boots. The “Tecno-3” system, which is the three adjustable cable/post setups on the boot, has been improved from the Vortice and is easier to work with. They’ve incorporated little magnets into the loop part which holds those little guys in place while you wrangle with the actual adjusters. Before, it was a two handed process and sometimes the little wire would jump out of position while you tried to tighten it up, so I really like that enhancement. Also, there seems to be a bigger range of adjustment. Sidi advertises that these boots will handle a 15” calf, and I can confirm that because my calf is 16” and I had no problems and seemed to have even more adjustment room to spare. Up on the calf area, one side is adjustable every time you put the boot on and on the inside of the leg, there is a fixed rubber/plastic strap that is adjusted once and then left alone (if you get it right). Getting in and out is REALLY easy. When you disengage the three wires, the boot lays completely open… no high arch problem here for sure. Other Sidi race styles have armored hinge pieces on the outside of the boot, but this boot has thin fiberglass strips built in between the boots’ outer and the lining inside. You can feel those in there, but you can’t see them from the outside. These pieces are there to provide side to side stiffness but allow front to back movement. I don’t personally think these side pieces will provide the level of mechanical stiffness of the Vortice, but I’m told that Sidi engineers think the lower profile and lighter weight are the preferred tradeoff in this new design. Maybe we are backing off the Robocop design of race boots? Perhaps so. Tail fins on the ‘59 Cadillac were cut way down in 1960, right? So the overall loss of “contraption” on the boots cuts the weight and cuts the bulk. The boot does feel noticeably lighter and the shape and fit are more pleasing to me. A couple other little things I liked: The toe sliders have little vents on them, which really seem to work. When I blow in them, the air comes right into the boot. Now the little plastic on/off slider is a bit fussy depending upon how you have your slider adjusted, but beyond that, it is a great idea for venting a boot like this. The other thing that looks new and is a good idea is the bright red piece of rubberized material in the rear top. It protects your calf from being rubbed by the harder plastic support in back. Looks cool/works good. There are a LOT of detailed features here that are technical and safely related, and of course I’m not covering all that stuff here, but my impression from the perspective of functionality, fit and ease of use all look like steps forward in design. I like them. :: Paul, 05-27-14